A little ambition…

A little ambition…
Michael P. Kivumbi (michaelprince51@ymail.com)
Many things have gone wrong in our country and the problem has not always been the lack of aptitude as is with way of thinking that is rather primitive and detached. It is just appalling how many of our politicians never have any real motivation for working for the good of the nation.
What we see nowadays is a scenario of “status” outbalancing “purpose” of the government officials. It is unreservedly ludicrous because the phenomenon is a prototype of conceit where a patriotic service to the country for ever and a day comes in only as an inescapable appendage [which also goes to explain the shoddiness of the various works of government]. Forget the love affair between Uganda and these politicians: much less that they look forward to a nation that is all prosperous and first-world in a few years’ time. That’s gibberish, coming from the consequentialists we have today and when they claim it, it is because that rhetoric of patriotism is never unavoidable as it happens to be the most plausible apparatus to make a political case with.
When you hear [most] Opposition politicians speak, you can’t help but perceive innuendos of “me-too”. It is an attitude of entitlement. They work in the regime for some time and come to a level where they think; they have grown, worked hard enough and reimbursement should be coming and it should not be less than the best there is. Irrespective of who’s vulnerable. It’s how Obote rose himself to power, and then came Amin after the self-same precedent… and the rest is history. This pattern is recurrent and apparent even today. It has deplorably always been the country exposed to so much distress.
Do I have to be more blunt, mention word “gluttony” itself to get this point across? By the way; is it uncalled for? It’s the root for dishonesty upon which all potential renegades perch. No one is virtually as corrupt as most politicians of Uganda. And they think they have a touch-not decree on them as if they were the anointed ones.
It is an absurdity because these culprits never think it’s an indiscretion to bag public money. Even those caught red handed and had up have never thought that they deserved reproof more than they did applause for having been smart enough to cart off their share first. They think it is justified as in one of the local dialects it’s put thus: omugabiteyeseera. It’s a Ugandan vice and all these “I-am-witch hunted” propagandists are simply self absorbed “scavengers” exposed. They think they brought this “thing” and worked for the “thing” and should not be chased off their “thing”.
Prof. Bukenya is a well learned man and he’s certainly far away from silliness but until recently he did not realize that he had not been on contract to work for President Museveni’s yoghurt firm. Here are the Ugandans holding him accountable and he begins by frowning at the President! What!
He got really ahead of himself daring to think that involving himself in underhanded tendencies is the least he could do and be protected by the President. This is why these days he laments of being ekyanainstead of omwana. He’d like us to think he’s the good kid just out of the blue as if it shouldn’t be his integrity standing the test of time! It does not even extenuate him from the fact that he was involved in fraud; rather it sells him away. Moreover, we’re not unaware that his newly found rage springs from not having been immune from the law.
And he has the audacity to think that he should be our president so that he can protect himself! I don’t know but that sounds like anything but the former Vice President of Uganda–outstandingly egotistical. If he is ever elected, which I hope not, he’d make the worst President ever next to Amin Dada who had no regard for constitutionalism. Mr. Bukenya is unequivocally bad for Uganda.
We still have so many of a kind though and what’s clear is that they are out of touch. And they don’t even blush at their going too far in order to reach their goal.
They never move unless to strike for something in their exclusive favor. Bukenya, Ssejjusa, Besigye have not all pulled political stunts for nothing. Is it not rather too coincidental that they all covet their former boss’s seat!
What should be their credibility now, besides ambition? No wonder they all would rather make their most pertinent case for the International media where no one knows the ugly skeletons in their closets.
A little ambition does not hurt though but what one makes their “capital”! Why should a wanna-be president of a great country like Uganda someday have to embezzle, tell lies, be disrespectful, disparage people, government agencies and on top of which, impenitent… what happened to conviction? Is colorlessness all that praiseworthy? And which side accommodates patriotism?

© 2013

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