KCCA marks its fifth year at the helm of City management this coming April 2016. We look back to the past years with gratefulness and are humbled to see the big strides made in the transformation of this City.

Here are some of the major achievements sector by sector;

Road Infrastructure Improvement

  • We have improved, reconstructed and upgraded over 181 kms of City roads in addition to routine maintenance of the entire road network.
  • A total of over 35kms of drains have been maintained and constructed
  • A total of 4000 street lights have been replaced across the City.
  • We embarked on the introduction of solar lights and to date, over 427 solar lights have been installed along several roads in the city. We have also procured more 750 solar lamps to be installed by Easter this year.

We plan to upscale the use of solar street lighting in the city too as an alternative green energy.

Revenue Collection and Financial Management

  • Revenue collection has increased by 166%, rising from UGX 30.3 Billion as reported in 2011 to a total of UGX 80.5 Billion as at the end of the last financial year.
  • Installed an electronic revenue system e-Citie which has greatly improved and simplified revenue collection in the City.
  • Enhanced transparency, accountability and efficiency in use of public funds. The Auditor General issued an un-qualified audit opinion on KCCA’s financial statements for the last 2 consecutive years. In addition, KCCA received an A1 Credit rating by the World Bank Credit Rating Agency.

Education Sector

  • Over 80 classrooms and 7 science laboratories constructed in various schools,
  • Over 65 stances of waterborne and VIP toilets constructed in various schools across the City
  • We launched the KCCA Teachers SACCO with UGX 700 million.


Medical Services

  • The construction of two modern 170 bed hospitals in Kawempe and Kiruddu is well on course.
  • Completed the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Kisenyi Health Centre, Naguru Health Centre, City Hall Clinic,
  • Established a modern Renal Unit in Kisenyi and to-date it is the best in the country
  • Procured and distributed 10 Dental Units in KCCA operated health centres
  • Improved laboratory services in all KCCA Managed Health centers,
  • Implemented the “PULL” system of procuring medical supplies in an effort to improve medical logistics.
  • Over the past five year, we have recorded a 200% average increase in demand for services in all KCCA Health Units.
  • Improved referral services in the city with the purchase of 5 ambulances

Sanitation and Garbage Management

  • Garbage collection has grown by over 100% from 14,000 tons per month in 2011 to over 30,000 tons by June 2015.
  • Procured 8 garbage trucks and 55 garbage skips
  • Procured a new landfill at Dundu in additional to the 6 acres for extension of the Kiteezi Landfill
  • 11 public toilets were opened and are being used free of charge in the Central Business District.


  • Under Community Driven Development program, a total of UGX 4.034Bn has been disbursed to 976 groups across the 5 five divisions
  • Disbursed loans worth UGX 4,715,876,000 to 2,777 young people under the revolving Youth Fund Loan.
  • Disbursed 1.03 Bn. to 103 Youth groups under the Youth Livelihood Program
  • Set up the Employment Service Bureau in June 2014 to equip youth with special skills to enable them either become employable or start up their own businesses. 1,340 youths have been trained in ICT, Entreprenuership and leadership.
  • Set up the National Job-Matching Database tool, to date 532 job applicants and 12 companies have been uploaded on the system.
  • Facilitated 161 youths to get permanent jobs within one year of existence of the Bureau

NAADS Program

Kampala Capital City Authority started implementing the NAADS program during the financial year 2011/2012. Over the years the program has attracted a total of 28,000 applications of farm inputs of this 4508 have received inputs worth UGX. 3,522,895,000 in line with the budgetary provisions for a particular financial year. Enterprises supported include Poultry, piggery, fisheries, mushroom growing and value addition


In October 2014, we officially opened the Wandegeya market. The market has continued to grow and to date has 852 vendors. Further improvements in the market have been the installation of eco-stoves.

Busega Market:

Busega market currently under construction, is on schedule and will be ready by October 2016.

USAFI Market

KCCA has recently acquired 6 acres of USAFI market. Draft architectural drawings have been completed and the plan is to convert the entire area into a modern market and transport hub.

Sunday Market

In May 2015, KCCA launched the Sunday Market Initiative along Luwum Street as a way of giving an opportunity to street vendors to sell their merchandise. The market has gained momentum and to-date has between 400 – 550 vendors operate at the market every Sunday.

Other markets being considered for improvement include; Kinawataka, Busega, Kitintale, and Nakawa among others.

Community services

  • Provided 8,500 children with child care and protection services
  • Facilitated Birth and Death registration for over 50,000 people
  • Registered 3000 Community Based Organisations to undertake community development activities in the city.
  • Supported 1,812 employees to be reinstated at their work places or being paid their arrears totaling to UGX 2.34 Bn.
  • Facilitated 1,272 employees who were involved in work place related accidents to be compensated. A total of UGX. 4.03 Bn was paid by employers in settlement of these cases.

Challenges – The Financing for the key infrastructure and city maintenance programmes is inadequate Our plans over the next five years include the development of neighborhood plans, construction of 600kms of road, the introduction of light rail services in the City, construction of the Bus Rapid Transit System, 100% cover of street lights in the City, construction of modern hospitals and model schools in each urban division among others.


Management takes this opportunity to thank all the residents and visitors of Kampala who have supported the transformation agenda. Special thanks to staff of KCCA who tireless endure and work towards the transformation of the City.

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