Why Bebe Cool Will Always Dwarf All Musicians In Uganda

To succeed in music or… name any other trade, it is like being in the military – discipline is key. The moment you slacken off the sense of discipline, uniformity fails and the whole team crumbles. The importance of discipline, I think, is to nurture an attitude of patience, resilience and the strong will to fight your way out of the pit hole.

Now, one striking thing about these fighters is that you don’t ever leave behind your teammate – dead or alive – no matter how ferocious the battlefield might be.


Behind enemy lines your team is all you have; it is everything to you and you should be able to count on it. It is really heartwarming to know how someone is covering your back – no matter what. The civilian society, acknowledging the power of fraternity all borrow a leaf and try to mimic the same. This is how trade unions come into play. I can’t help but think of ULS for the lawyers in Uganda or UNATU, for the teachers – a united voice avails much. But now, ladies and gentlemen, here come the musicians of Uganda…

A few weeks ago, a couple of musicians gathered themselves up, and by conviction, shrewdness or otherwise, agreed that they needed to take a political stand, support and work for President Museveni and his party, NRM, during his country-wide campaigns ahead of the February 18 General Elections. They indeed went for it and worked up the infamous “Tubonga Naawe” track.

Of course it was an instant hit – Except they [musicians] had not anticipated that they had put themselves up on a pedestal – a real test of their character.

Long story short; all hell broke loose. This time it was not them talking to us; it was the voice of the people – well, some people, so to speak – but they were loud and relentless – of course being “sponsored” by some rash leaders like Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda alias FDC Spokesman.

For the first time the artists were not running the show. Apparently they had a case to answer – Why Did They Support  Yoweri Museveni Instead Of Kiiza Besigye?

In the interim, the songbirds thought they could stand the disapprovals and being unable to give their angered fans a pleasing answer… guessing that maybe the people would, with time, get over their [political] madness. In any case, artistes were just doing their job, which is to sing!

And now that the campaigns are over, the M7-Tubonga Nawe Superstars want their fans (livid fans) back. The problem is; these have never forgotten the “betrayal”. Wow!

Could our musicians be not as influential and persuasive as were always thought! The hullabaloo has not quieted down and the threat is to boycott the productions of these musicians. As of today, the Tubonga Nawe Camp is successfully disunited although at least their colleague, FDC’s fanatic and forever loyal Besigye crony, the benevolent and gracious ghetto gladiator, Bobi Wine has offered the prodigals a soft landing and publically pleaded for forgiveness on their behalf.

But not even Bobi Wine will be a sufficient arbiter this time. The music lovers are downrightly defiant. The Museveni singers one by one are throwing in the towel. The chaps are apologizing – well, except Bebe Cool!

Please note: I am not for or against Besigye or Museveni or their supporters! I am curious though; are our musicians so spineless, totally without scruples?

I am ashamed on their behalf to think that they were sternly accused of being greedy swine and daylight “prostitutes”, only a short while later to succumb to pressure and prove their criticizers right!

As it is, Kream Production’s Haruna Mubiru and formerly Gagamel’s Rema Namakula who had been part and parcel of the Tubonga Nawe team have already digressed from the team and apologized for supporting Museveni.

Moreover according to media reports, another bunch of the team, including Moze Radio and Weasel, Chameleon and others are hitting the studio to record a song, expressing how sorry they are for being partisan. I will die of embarrassment if such a song ever comes out!

Well, Bebe Cool has been bashed for being headstrong but I think he is such an admirable personality. He stands out as a good role model for the young Uganda that is – a man should have a strong disposition. I also give it to Kiiza Besigye; like Yoweri Museveni these men stand out against all odds to defend what they believe in. It is sad that our musicians are not. And I earnestly pray that they prove me wrong.

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