Nigeria’s Popstar Finally On Top Of Billboard’s Hot 100

It is official Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, otherwise known as Wizkid is Number One on the Billboard, becoming the first Nigerian to make it to the Hot 100, a worldwide acclaimed Music Ranking Website.

Nigeria’s Wizkid, America’s Rapper, Drake and Kyla collaborated on a track, One Dance, and as it turns out, it is also the Rapper’s first Billboard “Hot 100” #1 as a lead artist.

Released in April, 2016, One Dance debuted on Billborad’s Hot 100 at the position of 21, before it rose to 13, 3, 2 and finally to hit the Number One spot.

Whereas a number of Africans have come out to water down the achievement, describing the 25-year-old’s contribution as barely noticeable, a fair share of us still think it is such a great milestone in the career of the African musician and definitely for African music. Cong’s Wizkid!


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