Why You Might Black out In The Middle Of The Game

A few weeks ago Uganda once again had a quirky treat of a sex video starred by an Honorable Member of Parliament this time.

According to social media where a sex video has been spreading like a wild fire, a mature male in acute likeness of Oyam North Member of parliament, Ayena Odong is seen sweating for over twenty minutes, turning and twisting in all angles, laboring to work an orgasm out of this very fat woman.

But whereas social commentators have looked at this act as a moral issue, the truth is it does not get riskier for any man to be working so hard, like a donkey, cheating on his wife with such a gigantic woman. At an age such as Odong’s, one could easily pass out or even die. Medical minds reiterate that when an orgasm happens, for a man of Odong’s age, are likely to experience a sudden, temporary loss of consciousness. And it is how such profile personalities risk blacking out in the middle of their session with a concubine.

In the course of such an event, pictures get taken, property gets stolen, all on account of a towering libido.

According to Dr. Paul Matovu, a Reproductive Health Specialist in St. Francis Hospital, Naggalama, “As people become sexually aroused, their breath shortens and quickens. And if such a big lady is rolling you over and over, the breath becomes even more rapid and a man is prone to hyperventilating.

Hyperventilation, according to the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia, is the rapid or deep breathing that can occur with anxiety or pressure. It is always due to overexcitement which induces over-breathing and it may leave you feeling breathless.

The doctor warns that when this happens, the normal levels of Carbon dioxide in the blood fall, which may cause dizziness, lightheadedness or even literally resulting in fainting.

The second clinical point of view is where alcohol is involved. Too much alcohol can also have the same effect, and may even elevate the possibility of this reaction.

Another explanation is when the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen and other nutrients because of reduced blood flow. This happens because sexual arousal causes blood to flow from the brain to the genitals.

This may produce an altered state of awareness or, some say, a true loss of consciousness.

Some people intentionally deprive the brain of oxygen to heighten sexual pleasure and orgasm. This practice can result in accidental death.

Fainting after orgasm could also be a symptom of a serious health condition, such as an abnormal heart rhythm. During daily activities, people with this condition may feel fine.

However, when they exert themselves during exercise or sexual activity, their heart can’t maintain adequate blood pressure. When the exertion ends, their heart rate decreases, but the blood vessels from the muscles remain dilated, causing them to feel faint or pass out.

Furthermore, older people who have heart problems have trouble maintaining adequate blood pressure during sex.

Individuals with some types of health conditions are able to achieve orgasm and then faint afterwards, simply because after they achieve orgasm they are beginning to come down from their sexual high. It can be impossible for some people to maintain their blood pressure after having an orgasm and pass out.

Anyone with blood pressure problems or heart problems should discuss the safety of sexual activity with his doctor.

If you faint after orgasm, see your doctor. There may not be anything wrong, but it is better to check that out.

If fainting happens to your sex partner, laying flat is usually all that is needed to recover. Raising the person’s legs can increase blood flow to the brain and to the heart. Once the person comes to his senses and feels better, slow movements towards an upright position will help her or him get on her or his feet.

To be safe, it’s a good idea for anyone who repeatedly has these fainting episodes to talk with her or his health care provider.

How To Avoid A Blackout After Sex

Train Yourself To Breathe Better

It can be quite frightening to feel so lightheaded that you are about to lose consciousness but it only takes practice. You can train yourself to control your breathing during sexual excitement. Rather than allowing yourself to hyperventilate, control your breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Purse your lips together so that you are not rushing the oxygen and carbon dioxide out of your lungs too quickly. You will notice that when you control your breathing, your sexual excitement will actually increase.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water never fails. Knowing yourself as susceptible to a blackout is an advantage to have yourself prepared by taking adequate volumes of water.

It is obvious that during sex, there’s a substantial amount of water that is lost through sweat and loss of body fluids. This means that the only way to counter blacking out is by drinking water, both before and after having intercourse.

Avoid getting drunk before sex

Insecurity is a major cause of heavy drinking before sex. If you’re not confident in yourself and you’re feeling self-conscious instead, it’s easy to believe that getting drunk will solve your problems. Well it doesn’t! In fact, drinking will actually make things worse.

Instead of gaining confidence, you will only find yourself blacking out in the middle of having sex.

Doctors advise that it is better not to drink at all if you intend to have sex later. This helps to keep good balance even during such energy-intensive activity.

Remember To Eat

It is disingenuous to know that you black out during sex, and still go for it on an empty stomach. Doctors advise that you eat well before indulging in a sex act.

It is obvious sex requires considerable amounts of energy. Doing it on an empty stomach drains the body of it’s optimum energy. On the other hand, when you eat well before having sex, the body is able to sustain the activity longer before blacking out.

Avoid Risky Styles

Some people black out because some sex postures put the body in angles where blood cannot flow well to the brain. This after some time leads to unconsciousness and eventually a blackout happens.

Medical practitioners advise that people indulge in healthier sex styles like missionary which allows blood to saturate well into the whole system.

See a Doctor

If you have a heart problem and you faint after orgasm, speak to your doctor about how you can achieve orgasm without blacking out. Your doctor may suggest better medications to stabilize heart and blood pressure during and after sexual activity.


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