Cyber Cheating Is the Newest Form of Promiscuity

This information age is hailed for many things and justifiably so – life is much easier, especially because of the simplicity with which we communicate with each other. Almost all aspects of life have now been penetrated by the use of smart gadgets or computers and it has been all right until the siren went off.

As it turns out, the internet has reached romance, and the once great relationships have begun to take an unanticipated twist – a vice – which is proving more detrimental than the beautiful housemaid or the very personable colleague at work.

This is cyber flirting and it is the upshot of the beloved dot-com era. It most of the time begins with those relationships that once ballooned with emotion but are now gradually getting rather more religious than satisfying.

After the long week, the weekend finally rolls up, and he is a good spouse thinking of nothing else but to spend it with his woman. The sun comes up and he finds himself couching at the sofa in the living room, watching the morning shows.

The shows end, and soon he begins to yawn like a crocodile. He has no one’s attention and when he turns his neck to peer over to the other side; the cute girl who used to rock his world is annoyingly wolfing mawolu [leftovers] like a hungry hyena.

When she empties the plates, she begins her day’s hustles and soon drowns herself into the kids’ needs and home chores. Her hair is all ruffled, she’s perspiring from every pore of her skin, wears an odor and the makeup is melting away.

She gives no damn what is happening with his husband and in all frankness, she is not anywhere next to the sight he’d rather drop is eyes onto.

Meanwhile he is immensely bored and cannot have any more TV and the whole environment around him is suffocating.

Just then, he is struck by a random thought – he grabs his laptop at once – to surf the internet. And there’s no better way to break the boredom than logging in to a social network, like Facebook, Google-plus, WhatsApp.

This is a Cyber affair it is the new dilemma ravaging people’s relationships in this internet age and apparently it is a confusing place because men and women don’t agree on what cyber cheating consists of.

It is a fascinating phenomenon because there’s such a thin boundary between cheating and being social on community networks.

However, the question on whether or not this is cheating is easy to overcome because if you’re okay with having an online affair and at ease to tell your current partner, well, this is probably not cheating. If this relationship is being concealed from her, then there’s a reason and it is cheating.

Men insist, though, that as long as they never touch a woman, that can’t be cheating. In Uganda it is becoming clearer by the day that this habit, more often than not, swells away from internet flirting to those who out rightly use social media and other websites like to cheat on their spouses.

Most Internet cheating ranges from just talking to having virtual sex. Whereas affairs have been considered as a mere exchange of words and pictures to the person at the other end, they tend to climax in meeting and sexing. This is a hot trend in Kampala nowadays.

WhatsApp Does It All

Groups are created on this network and membership of these varies from married men, singles, married women, rich men, divorcees, widows and ethnicities. Admission into a particular group depends largely on the specifications of the Group Administrators.

The interaction in these groups most of the time revolves about sending and receiving of pornographic material i.e. messages, pictures and videos.

However it so happens that the group members periodically arrange to meet for bonking sprees/parties [like once a month]. This is where they hook up and seize the opportunity to drink, socialize and have sex with each other. These are actually not their partners and this is how modern cheating goes down as enhanced by the internet.

Cheating on internet is very easy because it allows one to live out his fantasies. He can say and do what he would otherwise be afraid to say in real face-to-face encounters. Sending sexually inappropriate photographs and engaging in sexually arousing conversations.

There is however a number of telling signs that your partner could be having an online relationship and these include; change in time table [such as sleep patterns] as he always has to spend more time communing with the cyber friend. Cheaters always hide and move their computer from the living room which is an open place of a home to a private corner where the spouse won’t see the screen.

Cheaters always lie about who they are corresponding with and there’s lack of intimacy with spouse.

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