Problems of Dating a Younger Man

If there’s anything in this world that knows no boundaries, it is love – at least that’s what people say, and it is quite hard to disagree with. The good, the bad and the ugly all come in one package, only to unravel as one hot cake that everyone, for whatever reason, hankers to have a piece of. Like the saying goes; love makes the world go round.

When it comes to this subject, we always hope that there are no real significant barriers to its success. It’s in our hearts not in our heads; we’re convinced that love will always trump practical concerns such as money, social class or even age.

And it, in fact, jogs my memory to a true life story; as read by a radio show host, early this month. It was about a High School crush turned romance.

“Back in the day, at school” she read, “it was one mundane evening, and it had barely clocked six. I had to be going back home and keenly I lurched to my feet to run along, only to crash into Tina!”

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“Tina was one imposing lady. Her eyes gleamed with such unspeakable loveliness, and she had perfection running all the way to her toes. Something to do with her willowy self maybe; the cuteness of her curves, her long neck, some really nice fabrics, color tastes, and especially her acumen!

She was my Chemistry teacher; which is to say, she was more than a few years my senior.”

“I was seized with the aura that surrounded her though,” the reader continued, “for her appeal was quite eminent. I could even say auspicious. Anyone would give anything for so much authenticity and it’s not like I was a dummy… she was pregnant with my baby only a few months after my exams and this is where the conundrum began to unfold. I was just not ready.”

Muzungu Zack was the story’s main character and its author. Apparently he was bound to skip farther studies and a few years of his maturing course to get wed with Tina.

These stories show up in our neighborhoods everyday and the question that always gets heads to spin is about how couples of extreme age differences ever blend.

Truth is some women have found very satisfying relationships with men who are much younger but before diving into it; many others seldom ever consider the most important details.

The fact that there’s two different generations, characteristic behavior is always bound to surface despite the care taken to avoid making each other uncomfortable.

While one might come out as a big kid, the other might turn out a babysitter or mother of sorts.

The Experience Gap

For instance, the lack of experience could become a disaster in the marriage. Whereas as a wife, you might have a past with kids, for example, and might still need to keep responsibility over them, your young husband will never be bothered about so much because his past is not so clogged up. Instead, they might still be in close terms with their inner-child, who can never have enough of video games. It’d strictly be very frustrating if he happened to be in the same age bracket as your kids. Poor woman would then have to add one other load to her baggage.

The Social Acceptability

And observers might not find it that hard to figure out your spouse’s age. The disadvantage here is because you’d always be judged whenever you go out and you’d have to yield to being uncomfortable every time you are around people.

It begins with the innocence of a young husband always wanting to find the endorsement of the wife before making even the simplest decision and this would be quite an embarrassment in public although the young man knows that he has the vast experience of his wife to rely on. He’d little consider that he’s selling away his lovely wife to awkwardness.

Disgracing Self

A young husband will always disgrace her woman in public although it might not be intentioned. It is sometimes just impossible to hide everything away; the subjects of conversations always differ as well as the priorities.

However, there are also very viable reasons for why dating older women has lately become trendy and for a traditional young man, it might be time to think outside the box.

She can make you a better man. Sometimes dating older women is a learning experience. They’ll tell you what they want in bed, pick out the restaurant for date night, and introduce you to all these classy spots for a good outing.

She Has Her Own Life

You don’t have to worry about entertaining an older chic all the time. This means she won’t be complaining to you that she is bored all the time, and she won’t be in your space begging for attention.

Also you will have more to talk about because she is actually pursuing her own hobbies.

She doesn’t need you, she wants you. If she has got this far on her own, she can surely live on without you.

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