Why Sex Comes In Handy In Uganda’s Emerging Cities


For some time men have been known to be a “sick” side – at least many of them. And women worshipped as being the last motivation for men’s redemption from permissiveness.

It turns out, however, men will be lying on their bed just the way they made it; because ladies have turned a page. Gone are the days when women needed a reason to have sex. Like men, all they need now is just a place. And don’t have yourself deluded; Kampala is not anymore a lone Babylon; Uganda, from the border to the other side has successfully been mushroomed by centers where sexing is the main business that thrives. These are the new sex capitals.


Mukono town is the bridge between the Capital city, Kampala and the entire region of Eastern Uganda. Yet again it is one of the busiest transit points from the border. This scenario puts Mukono as a strategic breeding ground for cosmopolitanism and recreation. This translates into sex.

You would wonder how this happens but do that no more. Currently Mukono is home to a University and the luscious girls are not sleeping because the sun has. Soon as the dusk rolls up, they pull on the juicy attires and rock Satellite beach, an ever busy nightclub and all the other bars that are.

Things have changed dramatically because Uganda Christian University, for a name, is the one that sharply betrays the trending culture. UCU is now the hub of the subjects of the broiling sex that is slowly but steadily becoming a hallmark of the growing city.


It might be at the countryside but it is a total replica of everything sexual you’d expect in Kabalagala. Katosi is about an hour’s drive from Mukono, off Jinja road. It is a beach, famous for tilapia and fishing inevitably being the main economic activity that thrives there.

It is also a place to mingle where both fish-lovers and hunters meet up and bonk the creep out of each other. Most women cannot keep marriage anymore. They have alternatives. So, this makes the town a hotbed of spinsters and divorcees who care for nothing else but to offer themselves for public good. The dismay is that these don’t give any chance to protection which easily exposes them to STDs.


Lugazi is another town oozing with sex activity – whether it is day or at night. Bars are open since dawn and these are flocked by young girls – dressed to kill men. These are at standby in case there’s someone near to whisper a moving word to their ears.

They are not necessarily prostitutes [a solemn bunch also not rare to find]. These ready-to-go girls are unemployed, unmarried, [sometimes married] women who are willing to give some – if you buy a couple of drinks – and then ask for a [sexual] favor in return. This is, for instance, what it is like at Chipa’s bar and restaurant where men have got themselves used to spending quality time with the girls that flood the spot.


One sure thing is; girls in this century are more outspoken and outgoing. They know exactly what they need from a man, how they need it, and they are bold enough to go get it.

You might need to pay a visit to Vegas Pub, in Mbarara, Desert Island or Nico’s Pub to figure out this claim well. Girls have redefined Mbarara.

The place is home to a University and it is one way of explaining how stunning babes are so abundant in the town, making it a hotspot for bonking acts – as the evening draws girls drown the whole town in skirts and birthday suits. That’s how to talk about Mbarara’s nightlife these days – it’s a sex capital.


Nightlife has become the soul of this town and sex would be the dessert. Girls are present on demand. Busia stands as the link of Kenya and Uganda. It is a border town and that speaks volumes. It is literally a sex empire and that is in two aspects; the most prevalent one is sex for cash and you might justifiably call that prostitution.

The sex trade comes in handy because there’s ready market from the numerous truck drivers that treat this area as a refreshment town while they await clearance of entry into the inland. Meanwhile the wait could take about a day to two and that’s the time truck drivers seize to take advantage of the services of a sex worker.

However, getting a young-looking woman may not necessarily place upon you the burden of reaching your hand in the pocket. In the recent years the carefree lifestyle of the people in this area, even parents has heightened the rate at which girls drop out of school, leaving the city overwhelmed by girls busy with nothing but a sheer shameless hunt for men. These girls will offer themselves for the needs of whoever might find them useful for recreation, even for no cash in return. This makes Busia a bonnafide sex capital which it was not before.


Word is; the only unnatural thing about sex is that which you cannot perform. It just so happens that there’s nothing sexual an exotic-life Gulu girl won’t perform. This hence makes it remorselessly natural for the unemployed young girls to give away their kitone [bodies]. They have nothing to lose. They live one day at a time. Places like Buganda Pub, Amigos Nightclub and Gang Pa Oweka comprise the hub of sex activity in the town.

These young women are party animals, only out for a good time with whoever is available to share the fun with them. You can never fail to have a girl follow you to your room if you were ever in pursuit of a night of bliss. These are on addition to the outright prostitutes who do it for a price.

Although this list highlights the most erotic sex empires beyond Kampala, certainly many other towns are growing at a fast rate and these include Jinja, Fort Portal, Buwama among others.


Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other; these were the explicit words of writer, Marquis de Sade. There was a time when such oratory would cause such outrage in Uganda, but how times have changed! You would be surprised at how many Ugandans now subscribe to this point-of-view in 2015.

But Sade continues erotically, and at some point he wonders; is one expected to be a gentleman when one is stiff? Well, no, I guess.

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