How To Charm That Girl And Walk Her Down The Aisle This Year

For the solitary souls out there, if you missed to walk her down the aisle last year, hey, it is June and it will soon be December again, and you could still be alone and miserably lonely. You need some help and you’ll get it right now!

All right, for your sake, I came up with sure-to-work tips on how to hook and marry that girl of your dreams before this year ends.

First things first; who are you?

According to Jessica Kibirango, a Nakawa based marriage counselor, one has to know exactly who they are before bringing on board, a new member.

If a potential candidate to a relationship with you would search through your life, would he or she be able to trust you? Have you already learned the lessons with your previous failed relationships? When someone gets close to you, are you open and sincere about who you really are? What kind of references would your friends, relatives and colleagues give about you?

It is at this stage where to quit being a boy, and simply grow up. Working on your character, for instance. Being abusive, critical, dishonest, defensive, superior, unfaithful, controlling and wanting to be the right one all the time, projects you more as boyish, than it does project you as a man ready for marriage. Part of knowing yourself is a call to earn her trust.

Consequently, you can up your chances of making that special lady swoon by following a few of these simple tips.

Be attentive to her.

Support her choices, feelings, successes and failures and she will appreciate you as her biggest fan. Moreover, many times she only requires you to listen to her.

Women treasure a man’s moral support to work out their problems. Simply offer an ear. And please mark; she does not want an insensitive solution-giver than she does an empathetic one. Don’t rush her to the point. She just wants you to listen while she vents, explains or just muses.

Compliment Her

When you compliment her, she interprets it that you have all your eyes on her. For instance, a lot of women put a lot of effort into looking nice for their date. Offer a flattering remark on her time well spent and she will be delighted that you noticed.

Treat her like a lady

Man the door, pull the chair and wait for her to be seated. Treating her like a lady never goes out of style. What’s more, focus on her with attention and interest. It’s what eyes are for – to see good things and be enamored by them as opposed to being bored.

Show just how much you esteem her

You just have to find something to text her about. Whether it’s your first date or the tenth, leave a message telling of how much you enjoyed your time with her and how you can’t wait to see her again.

Arrive on time for your date. Although traffic and miscalculations can be forgiven, consistently showing up late sends the signal that her time isn’t as important as yours.

Be Tidy

You may not know it, but every time she picks up your unwashed underwear or cleans beard clippings from the sink, the romance wears off. It’s reads to her a man who is irresponsible and will tire her when she’s a wife.

Try To Be A Charming Man

Demonstrate passion in a hobby that you love. At least learn how to play the guitar or sharpen up your singing voice. You might think it weird but ladies melt over the simultaneous vulnerability and Bobi-Wine-like kind of coolness of a guy. Anything, even if it means clowning around. Being funny encourages her to feel comfortable, let loose and get silly.

Show maturity while handling disputes

Shrug off the small things and let it go. A diffusing attitude and cool demeanor is always a welcome response to pending crisis.

Respect Her Family

Woo her friends and family, too. Her circle will be the first to comment on your worthiness of her attention. And if you aren’t complimenting them, just shut up. Just how could she hear you yap a negative opinion about those that have been in her life long before you came along!

In the same way, introducing your new ladylove to your family will demonstrate how important she is in your life. The way you treat your family presents a good gauge of what she can expect in your courtship.

Demonstrate Courtesy

Take care of her when she is sickly or just tired. Cook, wash, shop and miss no chore that would otherwise be hers. She may not say much because she’s not well, but these moments will show that you are serious about everything and she would have ascertained just where she stands in your life.

And when she is not sick, never forget to find means of surprising her. Catch her unaware with a note in her bag, to keep her guessing and excited.

Being Too Common Is Again Risky

While prioritizing her in your life is important, she can’t be the only thing going on. Spend time with others and do your own thing to make the heart grow fonder.

Meanwhile some times seek her advice, even if you don’t really need it. Consulting her shows that you appreciate her opinion and that she is useful and comforting.

Kibirango adds that whereas women believe they can get married when they meet the right man, many men will only consider marriage when they are ready for it. But it shouldn’t be forever. If you love her, mature up, ignore her flaws, be committed and propose before your bones are too old and groggy to allow you go to down on your knee to pop the question.

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