Sex Craze in the City

Kampala, in the region, is known as a city that actually happens. During the day, Kampala remains fairly calm. You hardly ever hear so loud music coming from open bars so early.

However, when it clocks 6.00 pm, party animals pull on their Sunday best and hit the streets for the spectacular nightlife. And this is life which many in this capital have erroneously interpreted as an excuse for reckless sex trends. There is such a sex craze in Kampala and one might never fathom just how massive it is until he or she makes a stroll around the bars and night clubs.

We happened to travel down to the famous “Las Vegas of Uganda” and took it upon ourselves to follow one lady from a distance… she was the cutest thing around, when she walked in: she’d squirmed herself into scarlet-red; an upmarket dress which flared to a short hem. Also garlanded herself with a small purse and pretty steep peep-toe black high heels. Her other wrist was accessorized with a beautiful bracelet which matched her loop ear rings.

Similar sights are not uncommon here though. All this is what this place is about – quirkiness and girls. Welcome to Kansanga, not just the home to Kampala International University aka KIU, but the address for Venom Beach Bar, and an avalanche of others. It’s Wednesday and this is “Campus Nite” at 8 O’clock after sunset.

Besides being home to a couple of educational institutions like KIU, Kansanga is also a busy business center  and swanks of various activities such as boutiques, lodges, bars and night clubs, all which epitomize the world of sex that it is.

Most of these enterprises in the area are open day and night throughout the seven days of the week.

Kansanga is always a bubbly place – you will always find bars open and full of revelers.

Lady in red

The lady in red finally finds a seat for herself at a darksome corner somewhere in the bar but never too dark to be noticed. In any case she’d just naturally scream from anywhere – she had the light skin looks and the curves that men die for. Anyway she rested her handbag on the table, pulled out her tab and taps on it gently even as she breathes in the air of the ambiance – shortly she begins nodding her head to the rhythm of the music. She indeed is at Venom and on display for everyone to savor her disposition.

She was not far off from 23 years of age, to the best of estimation. She was very elegant, just as she was time-barred, you could imagine – for she never stopped making agitated glances at her small timepiece. Although she wore a graceful smile; most genuinely to discontinue the bartender each time he neared to ask her to place an order.

Sooner than later, a group of girls joined her from nowhere. She’s all smiles and these are definitely her “circle”, quite as striking as she is; or even better than her, wearing tight pants and mini-skirts and even some of them outright without panties underneath.

While a few choose to put down roots at a table, others simply don’t – if not to take to the dance floor and shake booty, tantalizingly, to whoever is there to be pleased about, they freely smoke cigarettes and Shisha – a tobacco-like drug consumed through a pipe which is connected to a container where the smoke is cooled first, being passed through cold water.

The numbers of girls keep increasing into the bar as it gets darker, clearly outnumbering their male counterparts and most of these females creeping in from the surrounding areas, purposefully – it’s a business thing that others might never understand at once!

Regular attendees openly tell that most of these girls are the unconventional sex workers and are there to look for clients. Surely these clients are many themselves because the ladies put in their appearance on regular basis but truth is; men never get enough of them.

Thanks to the universities, most of the customers are the male students themselves although few of these ever get to pass the test of the “merchandise” providers.

Often after a few minutes of talking to each other, the most important concern for the girl comes up and it’s an inquiry of whether dude carried enough cash on him.  If you pass that, another one will be on the way;

“Where did you park?”

However, if you do not have a car, you do not have to be a blockhead also.  What wise ones do is flit around some stranger’s ride and be cautious not to be found by the real rich man. Your new “catch” will actually think the ride belongs to you and you just might taste whatever she “sells” that very night. In fact, you might not have to pay for anything else other than the drinks.

Most of the sex providers in this area are actually students and never get to price their “goods” well as it is thought. A good night out is most of the time enough for them. This is nonetheless more true for fellow students – not for cross generational communions.

When it was a few minutes after 11 o’clock, this giant potbellied man stepped into the bar, noticeably loaded, and justifiably so; he was contemplating fifty years of age, by estimation. He was neither in for dancing nor socializing but definitely for a good time. Meanwhile the party animals were already busy drinking and shaking on the loud music.

He was simply one potential buyer and judging by how she ogled, the lady in red realized that too. The bartender approached his desk and expectedly he asked for the most expensive drinks available.

We had an opportunity to secretly talk to a bartender even as he worked and according to him, the girls charge between UGX 30,000 and UGX 100,000 per night while VIP treatment goes for about 150,000 shillings per night.

What these ladies have in abundance, more than anything is the nerve. When they have not been approached by a potential customer, they are bold enough to reach out to the man first.

The lady in red had all this in mind – dig in to someone’s pocket, and by this time had risen on her feet to dance, putting herself in good position for the rich man to notice her. He did not. Although he made furtive glances at her a few times. It was not her job to study his reaction. It’s what the group was for – other girls would analyze what move was to be made next. Before long, the lady in red was right on the gentleman’s table determined to finalize what she started.

Evidently he was not as much a stranger as she was to him – I mean, that’s the tone she set for the conversation. She turned out far different from the introvert we had been observing earlier. He could little do a thing to contradict her quirky ways. And not only that she was utterly out of any conventional boxes, in fact, he couldn’t help feeling unbothered. He found himself chatting with her like an old acquaintance and laughing quite boisterously.

Of course, he could have thought that a string of questions should be pending her answers, but somehow he laid back and his mind blacked out to good sense. She charmed him to no room for any qualms and from now, he’d rather the whole show be for her to run.

He was getting ahead of himself and he knew it. He just didn’t care. She embodied an abundance of recreation – the very thing that brought him to the bar in the first place.

In a twist of irony, the lady in red seemed to turn out exactly what he needed at this point of his rising libido – she in fact began to look like dinner; even before she’d opted on taking the coat off her outstandingly delightful figure, arrayed so justly in a lustrine red outfit which was sleeveless and suitable for her curves. Amazingly, lady never drank herself to idiocy. On the other hand he got a bit tipsy and excited – all he could see was her goodies [kitone]. He was already her fish, trapped in the net. He whispered in her ear and they marched out and, in point of fact, it was not too hard to tell where they staged.

Coupling up

This is where the nightlife of city revelers climaxes – in cars. The parking lot experiences a cataclysm in the wee hours of the morning. The various couples make bedrooms in there and all one ever hears are moans and groans.

These couples, because of the limited space within the car, curl themselves on each other quite creatively, exploring all the styles possible, so they could maximize the pleasure.

Whereas most of the sex workers are single concubines or students, majority of the rich men involved with them are married and take all the chances they can get to adventure on the side dishes which are very readily available here.

And as some choose to bonk inside the cars, others simply choose to do it standing and leaning on cars. There are also those who get really intimate against walls and in the toilets. The rich ones on the other hand, find their way to the nearby lodges.

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