Why Women Are To Blame For Priests’ Sins

Earlier this year, a young woman, Winfred Nantongo came forward and publically accused a celebrated man of God, Rev. Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka for having seduced and had an affair with her. Whereas some Christians have done the religious thing not to judge, it has not stopped the widespread undertones from the concerned public to speculate on whether there could really be some fire where all this smoke is coming from.

In March 2013, a priest revealed that, “The number of Catholic priests and bishops who are sexually active in Uganda is unknown, but almost everywhere unedifying stories of priests ‘sexploits’, are not hard to come by.”

In his open letter to bishops, priests and laity, the embattled Fr. Anthony Musaala who has since been relieved of his priestly roles, exposed that Priests’ secret and not-so-secret liaisons with girls and women, sex with house-maids, with students, with relatives; priests ‘wives’ set up in well-established homes; priests involved with a parishioner’s wife; of priests romantically involved with religious Sisters was all indeed an open secret and that for a long time priests have thrown in the towel to celibacy to be men first, then servants of God.


But while the public can always be counted on for criticisms and disapprovals, very few stop to wonder how the “sheep” might be the main untold precursor for all the misdeeds of the men of God.

Resty Nakayiza, a senior and devout Catholic in Nasuuti, a surbarb of Mukono Municipal Center, asserts strongly that there’s a major problem with how parents have failed to groom young girls into virtuous women; “As it is, the young women are like she-cats. They won’t stop at anything,” she contends. “I see them,” she continues earnestly, “they don’t accord these men of God the respect they deserve as we used to.”

Nakayiza abhors the overly confident attitude of the modern girls. “They should rather have a little modesty as they approach men of God but that’s long gone. Instead they talk to them as equals, hug them, flirt, and even seduce them until they relate in confidence. Of course, when the mystery of sanctity is removed, then temptations are bound to be induced. How is that a blame on the poor man of God?” she wonders.

The Charismatic Worship

According to Moses Solomon Male, the Executive Director of Arising For Christ ministry, Catholicism has since been invaded by the gimmicks from the Pentecostal Church leaders, most of which are fraudsters, so to speak. They call this the Charismatic Renewal.

Male’s sentiment is that in a setting where you have young girls jumping up and down, others falling to the rolling all over the floor, you would be a rock to flout the temptations. Male contends that priests don’t seize to be humans the day they’re ordained. “They have hormones that charge them up to an erection,” he argues.

Counseling And Special Prayers

Whereas there’s the sacrament of Penance where the priest guides the believers in a session of repentance, Bridget, a practicing Catholic and Kyambogo University student renders that the new wave of Charismatics in the Catholic Church has allowed the Balokole [Pentecostals] style of counseling where the shepherd meets the sheep in camera to render the prayers. According to Bridget, it appears to be doing more harm than good.

As it is, it cannot work to lock a man sexually starved for years in a small cubicle with a young woman.

Indecent Dressing

Leonard Ssemambo, a pastor at Miracle Life Center, Banda in defense of the Catholic priests says that men are psychologically designed by God to be aroused by sight.  This is also a great danger for priests because all day long they are inundated with polluted visual things or immodestly dressed women, that inevitably cause sexual attraction and arousal.

The pastor continues that women, who dress immodestly, unjustly blame men for having dirty minds, having noticed their body parts put on display. In fact many men admit that they have bad thoughts while in church resulting from the sexy way the women dress while attending Church service. This is normal and it does not exempt the priests.

“As a priest, just imagine what it is like to give Holy Communion, the Body of Christ, right above a woman showing off her chest.  It is especially obvious when they kneel down to receive Holy Communion.  It should simply be charity to the men of God for women to dress acceptably,” confers Pr. Ssemambo.

On the flip side, Pr. Solomon Male argues that the men of the robes are perceived to be holy by the whole public. Because of this status, a man of God at that level should be allowed no grave mistakes as he is an example to the rest. According to Male, priests need to do everything possible to never sin.

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