Apparently Your Bachelor Pad Speaks More About You Than You Can Ever Speak About You

On many occasions, single, young men are not only known to be carefree and untroubled but rather complacent and untidy. For most men it is just having a place with walls and a roof and a bed. Excusably, most of the time bachelorhood is not demanding at all, as the young man only has himself to take care of.

However, if you are at the point where you have your own place; you’ve probably graduated; have a job and new responsibilities, well, it is time to grow up… a bit, and we will suggest the several tips on how to create or elevate your current bachelor apartment.

Buying Some Toiletries & Cleaning Materials

Having a dirty house is not an option anymore.  It might have been an option when you lived in a dormitory or University hostel, but those days are over.  After working several hours a day you’ll find a certain satisfaction coming home to place that looks good and clean.  And if you are dating someone and they come back to your place they’ll have certain expectations.  If you can’t take care of yourself, how can anyone think you can take care of her?

It is therefore important to have things like toilet paper, hand soap, for a clean sink and bathroom.

Have The Bathroom Utilities And Make Good Use Of Them

Furthermore, no other place in your house is going to be more repellent if you don’t take care of it. A woman can overlook many other parts of your living situation, but if she feels like she can’t go to the bathroom and feel comfortable, it doesn’t make her feel very welcome.

It’s pretty straightforward: clean the sink on a regular basis, keep the toothbrush and toothpaste neatly in a cup. Try to avoid leaving other products spread out on the table. Have a clean hand towel available. Give the shower a good scrubbing now and then. That means that you need a scrubber and a brush, a mirror and bathing soap.


Your living room is most likely the first room guests will enter.  This is their first impression, and it should have a couch/sofa set, coffee table, radio and TV set.  These items all should match. You should never hesitate to spend money on a couch; you’ll after all own it for years.  It should be furniture that reflects your personal style. Furniture that doesn’t match creates a disjointed feeling, and is visually unappealing. In any case, it does not have to be very expensive.

Dishes and Silverware

This is one of the apartment essentials that men should never ignore. You don’t need to own an imported utensils cabinet or have very fancy utensils…but your apartment does need to look like an adult man occasionally eats there.

And it doesn’t have to be a lot. Unless you’re planning to throw big house parties, you’re still better off having just a decent set of 4 matching plates and utensils than having 12 mixed sets that were cobbled together from stores and super markets.

Needless to say, there should be an easy source of fire. Like a stove, water heater… that is a way of livening up your kitchen.

Fresh Food in the Kitchen

It is easy to justify eating out a lot or not cooking for yourself at home – apparently it’s what bachelors do. But when someone visits your place – especially a woman – opening your cupboards to find only packed food, and seasoning packets does not send a very favorable message.

It is wise to stock your kitchen with a few basic items. There’s plenty of stuff you can buy and store in your pantry long-term. Plus it’s easy enough to grab a few perishable items once a week, like meat, veggies and a few pieces of fruit. From a practical standpoint, you should always have something you can offer as a nice snack if a woman comes over. A decent pairing of biscuits, for example is always a winner.

Nice Pair Of Sheets

For obvious reasons, having clean sheets can really help improve your chances of, well, making her feel comfortable and at ease. But if you’re dating someone and you’ve never thought about how often you wash your sheets, that may be why she never wants to stay over.


Window treatments are one more sign that you have an eye for details [which women like]. But curtains aren’t just about decorating your bachelor apartment. There’s also some practical benefit here: if a woman stays over in your bedroom, the last thing she wants to do is wake up with the blistering sun in her face and your next-door neighbor peering in at her. The more conscious you are about covering up your windows, the more comfortable she’ll be uncovering herself in your place.


Having a well-lit bachelor apartment is a must.  It’s best to have a few different sources of lighting in each room.  This is especially true if the main source is fluorescent.  When looking for table lamps or floor lamps be sure they are in the same type of style as your furniture. Additionally, try and find lamps, that way you can control how much light is being emitted, perfect for setting the mood. And just in case the power goes off.

A Stocked Fridge

You need a stocked fridge with food.  Not all of your fridge space should be dedicated to beer.  Think of the a couple of food groups and you should have a 3 or 4 items from each group in your fridge.  You never know when guests will come by, and you’ll want to show that you’re mature enough to host people.

Books on Shelves

Real men read. Books are a window into your soul, and if nothing else, they’re a great conversation starter. Plus, having a healthy shelf of books in your house provides a nice ambiance – you look like a “learned” man.

Shoe rack & Doormat

It is only wise to have a defined place where to keep your shoes. It talks about you as organized and orderly because you care for the details.

Likewise, you should have a doormat; even if just to pretend that you care for tidiness. Needless to say that you need a good carpet on the floor, especially for the lady you might want to make feel comfortable.

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