Pr. Wilson Bugembe

Pr. Wilson Bugembe

Pr. Bugembe
Pr. Wilson Bugembe

CITY: Wakiso, Uganda

STATUS: Single

OCCUPATION: Gospel Music Artist, Pastor


Having lost his parents at a very tender age, Bugembe painfully grew into a miserable and hopeless adolescent. In a desperate move to figure out the world and fend for his infant sibling, he justifiably eloped from his rural home in Masaka into the capital, Kampala, where he’d only end up on the street. After years of a desolate street life, Bugembe finally found luck when a couple of Christian ministers in Kampala stumbled upon him on the street and took him in. He was adopted and raised as a normal child.

In his new home, Bugembe would be rehabilitated and nurtured into a good kid. He was encouraged to believe in the power and saving grace of Jesus. He became a Christian and was taught the values of Christianity.

His foster parents supported him, even though school, until he recorded his first studio production. His first single, Yellow was released in 2002 while he was still in his S. 6 Vacation and it went straight to No.1 on the Gospel Music Charts. He never looked back.

The former street child has toiled until such a time as this when he is reputed as the one of the leading Christian Music Performers in the region with a run of accolades of excellence to his name.

In the present day, Bugembe is an ordained and senior pastor of the Light The Word Church in Nansana, Wakiso.

He has featured on several TV shows throughout the Country and abroad, including the Turning Point International in 2015 with Muyiwa.

Pastor Bugembe is well liked by fellow musicians, including prominent secular acts like Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleon and he is the brain behind the famed Celebrity Sunday which is a bi-annual Christian fest where all Celebrities in the country [irrespective of religious background] are invited to attend a prayer service together.


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