The Person of Jimmy Akena Obote

What goes round comes around. This is an aphorism anyone who had been part of ousting the president might never have given even the minutest of reckoning although, maybe, they should have! He epitomized, in entirety, the meaning of the turn of phrase “strength of character”. He literally brought himself to the apex of Uganda’s leadership and when he was forcibly turned out at the barrel of the gun, he machinated his way back and stayed five other years until 1985. This was totally unprecedented but the incontrovertible legacy of Sir Apollo Milton Obote.

Obote’s reputation will always linger and in this season, twice or more as much. It turns out he is not all dead after all. Today, we behold amidst us, virtually the “re-incarnated” form of our fallen president or at least some sort of clone, as it were. First, it was at a comedy show broadcast, then social media and now mainstream media clasped onto the buzz that has reiterated of how he really looks like his dad. The guy in question is Obote’s son and heir. No one other than Jimmy Akena Obote.

He might have seemed like a moderate guy [who is not even a soldier] but if genes are anything to go by, Akena is a super replica of the former president of Uganda and he really has the lucky traits of a potential president.

In 2015, after a hotly contested election within the UPC, it emerged that the former first son had been voted as new president of one of the oldest Political Parties in Uganda. The results as announced by UPC Electoral Commission Chairperson, Canon David Nyote, were hard hitting especially for some of the most vocal members of the party, like David Pulkol who had put up a powerful contention against Akena. In the end court toppled him. And now he commands leadership over only a faction of the party.

This is however a clear message to everyone that Obote is back and in full swing. We can only sit back and watch the space.

Jimmy Akena is the son of Miria and Milton Obote. He was born at the time when Dr. Obote was the president of Uganda in 1967.

Family [Wives & Kids]

In April 2013, Jimmy Akena at an occasion that was attended by the President Museveni, officially got himself to be the husband of the personable Member of Parliament for Oyam South Constituency, Betty Amongi. This traditional wedding ceremony took place in Minakulu Village, in Oyam District where the president contributed 50 million shillings to the couple.

Meanwhile the groom had parted with 20 heads of cattle, 12 million shillings and 12 goats in bride price.

Akena has two kids with the gorgeous MP although he had also sired two others from his former marriage with Gladys.

Jimmy Akena has also been in the middle of the strife between two of his families. It turned out that a woman, a journalist with Nation Media Group had initiated a break up when she learnt that Mr. Akena had been dating a colleague of his in the August House behind her back. Lynn Musiitwa is her name and last year had received a phone call on her office line that woke her uprightly indeed. It was, in fact, an outburst from a jealous wife of Mr. Akena’s. Together, Lynn and Jimmy had two kids before they had parted ways.


People who knew the late Milton Obote have intimated to us that Hon. Akena has increasingly grown to be like his father in enthusiasm and disposition.

Hon. Akena has been talked of as an industrious man just like his dad. It occurred that he, on own initiative went ahead and pioneered what he calls the first motor bicycle.

This is an automated bicycle that uses gasoline to run.

On a less enthusiastic side, Jimmy Akena has been talked of as a thrifty man; a character he has confessed his dad possessed twice as much.

From Mr. Akena such a confession was to extenuate his father from the possibility that he could have plundered Uganda through corruption and embezzlement. Mr. Akena, in fact, could have borrowed a leaf as he has reportedly been seen ride his motor bicycle from Kampala to his home in Arua, hundreds of miles away.

Political Career

Before his return from exile with his mother, Miria Obote, no political roles had been known for Mr. Akena although it has become rather evident that leadership capabilities run in his blood.

In 2011, while her mother went on to contest for UPC party leadership, he followed the trail and went ahead and contested for Lira Municipality Constituency on UPC platform, a position he won and holds up to date.

It appears this political ambition is on an upward trajectory and the latest achievement is his win as third term Member of Parliament for Lira.

One thought on “The Person of Jimmy Akena Obote”

  1. Akena has done what I would have done. Dialog is very important for the good of Uganda and for Ugandans. Our enemies and those who have benefited from weak and devided Uganda hate and will not accept Akena’s move. Those who don’t see the goodness of Akena /UPC should begin to reassess their criticisms / return to UPC anld we move on as one Uganda one People.

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