Just Live Your Life, Not Other People’s Life

It’s been long since I last wrote in my [opinions] column. There’s never enough hours in a day to do everything you want to do. It took me this long to concede but yes, I see it now. Well, I am still not writing today… or maybe I am – but not my own work… actually I happened to be “flipping” Facebook pages – [which also I distressingly do] when I found these really edifying messages by the one and only, NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe. I am honestly enthralled by her write-ups or posts, they call them! I advise “facebookers” really to check out her work there… I however would like to share this particular one:

My mates are getting married.

My mates are getting good jobs.

My mates are succeeding.

My mates are living overseas.

My mates are buying cars.

My mates are building houses.

My mates are this……my mates are that…..

It’s a pity you literally forgot about your mates in the mortuary, your mates in the psychiatric homes, your mates are roaming on the streets, your mates are jobless, hungry, blind, deaf…

You might not be where you wish to be but you have obviously transcended from where you were yesterday.

Be thankful.

Do You Know:

Some slept yesterday and didn’t wake up today?

We’re sinners but God showed mercy?

God still has plans for you before the year ends?

Some mates are there in jail without committing any crime?

You ate last night but some didn’t or couldn’t?

You have work and sources for daily living while some have nothing to look up to

You are alive not because you are faithful or because you have never sinned before but it is the MERCY of God Almighty that kept you alive.


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