Bebe Cool’s “Kabulengane” Is Officially Out

Apparently, many Ugandans are torn between the choices – whether they like Bebe Cool’s new video or….

So as usual, the king-sized raga star, took to Facebook, to try to make sense of the rather eccentric sound. He wrote; “Brand new video Kabulengane, a mix of Ugandan and Jamaican club music brings about a question of cultural dancing versus Jamaican dancing. Cultural Ugandan dance appears more stronger because it allows us to smile while u enjoy the sounds of some individual local instruments.
KABULENGANE by Bebecool is one new such song that will sweep you off your feet.  Video shot by Hanex Touch”

Anyway here is the upright view: the brother is still relevant. Although not pondering hard enough, at least he is trying – to evolve with the art. Or better yet, leading the evolution. Of course, this is with respect to the audio, [as I still have serious issues with the story-lines in Uganda’s videos and the execution of which] – another day’s discussion altogether.

In Kabulengane, Bebe Cool’s genius this time was to blend the “rough” Jamaican raga/dance tempo with the traditional-drum beat and it was a pleasing patriotic move. Never mind that it was pseudo-patriotism because using a real Nankasa drum would have dwarfed the brilliance of the studio keyboard upon which we are all tilting our praises for the production.

Bebe Cool’s done a good thing to hop on to the cart with Aziz Azion and a few others, trying to localize the dancehall beat. Otherwise it is too daft of us to lack an urban dancehall tune of our own for this long. We are not Jamaicans, for starters. It is high time we graduated from being so uncreative and sluggish.

And I love the fact that Bebe Cool also brought the diversity to harmony. This is important because for the many musicians that venture into this fusion thing, most do get away with it, but there’s always a silently-screaming deficiency in their meld. There’s this idea that since the different beats are too divergent from each other, they cannot combine to produce a well-synthesized sound. So, we mostly end up, unsuspectingly, having two [conflicting] rhythms in one piece – because of the failure of the producer and singer to reconcile the length of the time signatures of the different genres. It is very evident in the collaborations between Dancehall raga and African genres.

However, one thing I would hate about Bebe Cool’s new song is the diction. In as much you might successfully guess what his message is [in this song], I think, his lyrics ought to be a bit more superior by virtue of his [musical] age. I may be wrong but I sense, he is at that stage where he begins to play the music of his legacy – which he would be remembered for when he retires.

He now ought to sing about love in the Love You Everyday kind of way, allow Ziza Bafana flaunt the unholy communions.

Otherwise, musically speaking, this song is dope!

Watch Kabulengane here.

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