Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Highest Paid Celebrity Couple – Forbes

Forbes’ 2016 list is out and Beyonce is not Number One on that list – She’s not even Number Two or Ten. She is trailing a whole bunch. But whereas the “Queen B” ranked No. 34 on Forbes’ list having earned $54 million, and her husband, Jay Z on No. 36 having made $53.5 million, with a whopping $107.5 Million in totals for both Jay Z and Beyoncé, Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list clearly conveys the Hip-hop pair as the highest-paid celebrity couple of the past year.

Meanwhile Forbes Magazine has also reported, Pop star, Taylor Swift as being worth an estimated $170 million as of 2016 and the highest paid celebrity in the world; a giant leap from the 8th position at which she was placed last year.

However, Adele was ranked in position nine with $80 million, Madonna in the 12th position with $76.5 million, followed by Rihanna in 13th position with $75million  and Katy Perry in position 63 with $41million.

TV Star, Kim Kardashian ranked 42nd with 51 Million.

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