Just Make Sure You Own A Solar Charger, Period!

When the battery on your phone, laptop or other gadget gets drained at the time when you need it the most, it can be a real let-down. It is worse when you do not have any means to charge it right away, probably because you are a long distance away from the source of power. It is really that wacky. And it is sadly not an uncommon snag. At least everyone has found himself or herself in the same ungainly – not to say aggravating situation and you would wonder if there are any ways of not finding oneself again in this rather bizarre position!

Did you know that just one hour of sun provides enough energy to meet the world’s needs for a year? Indeed you can use that all for yourself free of charge. Truth is it’s not just heat; it is renewable energy that you can ably turn into electric power. Using photovoltaic cells, commonly called solar panels, we can harvest that energy.

The use of solar power in small electronic gadgets has grown rapidly in the recent years. The solar paneled watches, Calculators, the pocket sized radios have been around for some time and as the technology is progressing, the use of these solar powered tools also has increased and as a result we can see many new gadgets available in the market with solar panels.

According to technology expert, Wilson Nyanzi, of Alternative Energy Solutions in Mukono, it’s pretty easy to determine the most important benefit that solar battery chargers provide:

Freedom of movement, accessibility and environmental friendliness – these are the biggest reasons to own a solar battery charger.

Solar Charger

Chargers for these devices are small enough to stash in a purse or backpack to charge these gadgets on the go. These chargers can typically power up these smaller electronic devices like music players within a few hours in full sun, but this can depend on the device and the particular charger. For charging batteries, solar chargers can be a great asset for reusing/recharging batteries.

He underscores that they are easily portable and hence they can easily be carried to different places in order to charge various appliances. They don’t require external electrical sources to recharge your batteries. This means that solar battery chargers offer freedom of movement. You can find the sun pretty much anywhere on earth during the daytime. So, if you find yourself lost in the woods with a dead cell phone, you need only the sun’s rays to get it up and running again.

The solar chargers are now more efficient than before and the energy is catching the attention of manufactures to make more accessories based on solar power. It is already very popular and widely adapted and it is a sure guess that in the near future there is going to be more innovations of solar power use in cell phone accessories. This is because “clean energy” is the way to go.

Furthermore, with proper technology, anyone can generate solar energy because it is readily and naturally available to all men with no restriction or regulations from government.

It is also an ideal way of accessing power because solar cells require less maintenance and last longer in general.

Nyanzi adds that solar-powered devices are easy to install. They do not require sophisticated expertise.

Solar power can also provide electricity to remote areas, such as the deep countryside, mountains tops, where electrical wires either cannot reach or are costly to install.

The questions of whether solar powered gadgets save on electricity costs and make operations more or less efficient, however, are important in evaluating the usability of solar powered electronics. But it is no mystery that in the long run, using solar chargers for your devices and batteries can help you save money. It is so because after a relatively hefty one-off sum to purchase the solar powered tools, there is no more monthly requirement to deposit at any office. This means that you get enjoy unlimited, tax-free electric supply for your gadgets.

Where To Find These Chargers.

According to the Glenergy Uganda, a US-based solar electronic Company, located at Namirembe, portable solar products are already available in Uganda. Besides which, solar electronics shops have mushroomed the country, practically at every town centre. It is this easy to come across the solar power equipment. This is however no guarantee that all shops are concerned with portability as you might be. You simply walk to the next door.

Meanwhile you can also place an order for portable solar gadgets from online stores and they will be in position to avail them to you.

All Solar chargers do is draw energy directly from the sun; that gives you free power wherever you are. With many unique designs they are powerful enough to charge all your handheld electronic products at home or on the move. Just plug your devices into this natural source of electricity.

This is not to claim that solar power is completely agreeable though; the supply of sunlight available is not constant. Availability depends on factors such as location, time of day, time of year / season, and weather conditions. This makes it conditional and unreliable.

The biggest negative aspect to solar powered chargers is with limitations for powering certain devices such as laptops. This is due to the high energy consumption of most laptops. Although the power consumption of many other gadgets tends to go down, laptops still consume a lot of energy and many solar chargers are simply inefficient for powering such devices.

So, for larger gadgets, portable solar powered chargers are expensive and can be time consuming and inefficient relative to ordinary electronic outlet charging.

But in general, all you might need is a little more from the pocket for a more powerful charger since improved versions have already graced the market. Otherwise solar chargers still stand out for their portability and being such a backup/alternative source of power.

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