2016 MTV Video Music Awards Are In High Gear And Everyone Just Can’t Wait!

August 28 will be Sunday and, of course, MTV’s much anticipated annual Video Music Awards.

This year, the VMAs will air live from New York’s Madison Square Garden and the pre-show will be hosted by DJ Khaled, Time magazine has so reported.

As always, there’s plenty of cause to look forward to an event like this; from provocative fashion to ground-breaking performances, the mix of music’s biggest names and a broadcast platform for their unscripted antics is a solid recipe for an entertaining evening. All this is what watchers of MTV BASE will sit to savor, even on the go, if one could access a livestream on their site.

The only weirdness thus far is with the fact that MTV has not announced an official host for the ceremony. Last year’s show was helmed by the inflammatory Miley Cyrus, but this year MTV is leaving everybody in the dark. But then again, a host-less year isn’t without precedent: the 2013, 2014, 2011, 2007 and 2004 ceremonies all happened without an emcee.

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