Dr. Sserwadda Picks A New Bone With Muslim Clerics

Presiding Apostle of the Born Again Faith, Dr. Joseph Sserwadda has come out to condemn the growing spiral of attacks from elements of the Muslim clergy who continue to accuse Born Again Christians otherwise known as Balokole of badmouthing other religions.

On his weekly show, Abalabe B’okukkiriza that airs every Sunday at 6 am on Impact FM radio and Dream TV, Dr. Sserwadda on set with his co-hosts, Apostle Charles Tumwine and Bishop Ronald Mukiibi pecked upon the bravado of the Muslims who have hitherto not ceased to seek government to censor activities of the Born Again preachers on the street.

This comes few weeks after a clique of Muslim clerics again authored a paper to government, reporting Balokole’s activism against their faith; these have therefore petitioned government to forthwith put a stop on all public functions of the Balokole especially where they call upon Muslims to give their lives to Christ.

Dr. Sserwadda, a veteran street preacher himself, in his analysis on what could be the merits of the Islamic cause against his [Balokole] denomination, he observed that Balokole only talk about Muslims because it is only fair;

“How, possibly, should anyone slur our faith and expect no rebuttal,” he argued. He farther explained that it would be to bully Balokole if as many book-titles as are sold on the street were written pouncing on Christianity and for the Christians not to answer back.

Dr. Sserwadda at this point cornered the Muslims to hush up about Christianity first and Christians would never have to do any damage control.

“Besides,” he added, “our faiths are worlds apart. They hold the Quran, we hold the Bible.”

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