Bebe Cool Unveils Fresh Video; It’s Almost Political

In a Facebook post with which the video is shared, Bebe Cool explains that the message of his new single is to do advocacy for better service delivery – “In real life, every problem is solvable only if the people who can solve it get to know about it,” he writes.

And then he added: “In this Dancehall Luganda song, I call upon the father of the nation to address what I think is the main problem of a Ugandan citizen today. In this case, high taxes and high rental charges in Kampala. Music is the channel through which we can communicate both good and bad. But at the end of the day, not all music is political and not all politics can be music. This song also applies to a lay man who has a family to take care of. Man can never run away from his responsibility because it’s only natural to pay bills….”

It has so far received diverse reviews from fans and music critics; the most prominent view being that he is again becoming too local for International recognition.

Watch the video Here

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