President Museveni Addresses NRM Youth Cadres At Kyankwanzi

PRESIDENT MUSEVENI ADDRESSES NRM YOUTH CADRES AT KYANKWANZI: “I spoke to a group of 290 young NRM cadres undergoing training at the National National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi.

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They were identified during the just ended campaigns as enthusiastic and capable young people who could benefit from some fine tuning.”

This is an important strategy that state agencies should pay attention to. It worked for us in the 1970s when 26 boys, not heavily qualified at the time in terms of academics, were trained in Mozambique. They came back to form the core of the NRA.”

“It is not enough to have followers or supporters of the NRM. We should aim at having ambassadors. This starts with initiatives like this training.

I would like to see these young people at the forefront of the four sectors that drive our socio-economic transformation after this training. These are;

1.Agriculture: we need to improve the statistics in this sector. 68% of homesteads in Uganda are still exclusively doing subsistence farming.

  1. Industry: This is both in manufacturing and processing. And this is not limited to only large projects although that is the ultimate goal. But we need to start however small.
  2. ICT: This should work alongside the industry for innovations and improving existing technologies.
  3. Services: This encompasses a wide range of things. The list is inexhaustible.

And government is committed to support these programmes through initiatives such as the youth fund and the innovations fund.

One might add the public service to the above sectors. My view is that some jobs will be created there but it is not a conduit for sustainable wealth creation.

So the four above have that advantage over the public service. Lucky enough the situation here can still allow one to switch between these sectors. I urge the youth to take advantage of this fact while it lasts.”

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