President Museveni Visits Ugandan Troops In Somalia

PRESIDENT YOWERI K. MUSEVENI: “After the IGAD Heads of State Summit yesterday [September 13, 2016], I visited Ugandan troops serving under AMISOM at the Halane Base Camp headquarters near Mogadishu International Airport.

President Museveni Pays Homage To His Ugandan Soldiers Serving In Somalia

It is the second time I am visiting our troops in Somalia.The first time was in November 2010 when our troops were involved in a fierce battle for the liberation of Mogadishu from Al-Shabaab bandits. By July 2011, we had driven them out of Mogadishu.

UPDF Soldiers Listen Attentively To Their Commander-In-Chief

I want to thank our troops for the good work they are doing in Somalia. They have helped Somalia by fighting the enemy and setting a good example to Somalis.”

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