President Museveni Meets Oldest Ugandan Alive

President Museveni takes a glance at the pieces of Ahumuza’s broken tube-fiddle (music instrument)  that he claims to have played for Buganda’s Kabaka Chwa in the early 1900s

“John Ahumura, aged 131 years, and perhaps the oldest Ugandan alive, has visited me at State House, Entebbe.
Ahumura, whose birth certificate shows he was born in 1885, visited me in company of Fr. Fabius Bainakanaama, of St. Padre Pio Nyahuka Catholic Parish, Bundibugyo.
I invited Ahumura after reading about him in the newspapers.
Following his request, the government will build Ahumura a house and also take care of his basic needs.” — PRESIDENT MUSEVENI

OBUKADDE MAGEZI: The President listens attentively to the old man’s knowledge and tales of wisdom
PHOTO MOMENT: Ahumuza’s life-long dream finally came to pass when he met the President

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