Uganda Police Day Commemoration


“I attended the close of the Uganda Police Week at Kololo Grounds today.

I am happy with the execution of this initiative, the first of its kind in the history of our country.

I am particularly impressed with the commitment and enthusiasm of the wanainchi, helping the police at the grassroots.

I believe that we can accommodate more of these wanainchi in the recruitment programme of police. Of course they have to be qualified.

The rest of them can organise themselves into saccos and benefit from a capital grant from government.

On the issue of improving our policing efforts, we are in the process of kick starting more interventions. The technology we used for the national ID registration can be used to register all Ugandans so that we have all the fingerprints in a database.

Eventually we shall expand to DNA storage technologies alongside a more enhanced forensics department of police.

I congratulate the Uganda Police on this day and encourage all Ugandans to embrace the community policing initiative.”

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