Kim Kardashian Could Get Her Stolen Diamond Ring Back

It turns out, American model and socialite, Kim Kardashian could have her 20ct ring traced after all.

And all could happen because the multi-million dollar accessory apparently is very rare with acutely distinctive identifiers.

This comes days after the Reality TV star’s Paris apartment was broken into on Sunday and she was robbed at gunpoint by assailants that had all their faces masked.

According to celebrity gossip site, TMZ, Kim is almost very confident that if anyone tries to sell the ring they’ll find it. That the police report she filed included the diamond’s inscription number and other markers that will instantly turn on the sirens if it ends up on the market.

TMZ farther reports that the Gemological Institute of America says inscribed diamonds have a microscopic number laser-inscripted on the girdle of the stone. Once a police report is filed, any lost diamonds would be flagged in the system, and if they pop up for a cleaning, grading or possible sale, police is called.

Even if the inscription is scratched off, rings like Kim’s can be identified by special internal characteristics of the diamond, according to the GIA.

It’s not guaranteed, of course. Big diamonds can be crushed into several pieces so they’re less traceable; and if the crooks avoid legit jewelers, there’s less chance anyone reports a run-in with the stolen sparkler. Kim’s prayer now though is for the thieves to make one daffy move and she will get her diamond back.

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