President Museveni Visits Rakai


 “After receiving various reports, today I went to see and commiserate with our people of Rakai who were affected most by the September earthquake.

The technocrats say the earthquake originated from Tanzania and naturally Rakai was most affected given its proximity to Tanzania. I visited Minziiro and Lukunyu villages in Kakuuto County.

We thank God there were no lives lost because life is the only valuable that cannot be replaced.

The families whose homes were completely razed will get 30 iron sheets, cement and iron bars as contribution from government for their rehabilitation.

I am also particularly happy with the health trends of Rakai. We all remember how our people here were affected by the HIV/AIDS scourge a few years ago. I commend the tremendous improvement.

Let us now embrace the vaccination against cervical cancer, Hepatitis B, and yellow fever alongside the traditional vaccinations we have been having.

Finally, we should learn from the unfortunate occurrence of of the earthquake. I have urged our people in Rakai to build stronger structures because of the special nature of their geography making the area prone to this type of catastrophe. I thank you.”

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