299 Cadet Officers Passed Out At Kabamba Military College


“I have officiated at the pass-out of 299 cadet officers at Kabamba Military College.

I congratulate the new officers upon finishing their course which introduces them to junior leadership in the army.

They can now lead a platoon of NCOs and soldiers. However I want the army leadership to keep following their further training.

To progress, the officers must work hard, be disciplined and be ready to do more courses.

I am happier because this particular group of cadets is from the army. Each has been a soldier for at least three years. They have shown commitment. Previously, we directly recruited from among civilians.

We’ve done well in the infantry. I thank the population for continuously replenishing us with new recruitees.

Likewise we are doing well with the airforce. I thank our comrades from Bulgaria for teaching our officers on using jets. I congratulate the air traffic controllers graduating in this group.

It’s the marine force that we need to support with stronger modern boats. We need to equip them fight illegal fishing too.

We are progressing on the welfare front. Each year the government spends Sh96 billion on rent. I am directing government departments to build offices so that we save on rent. We shall then move to building better houses for our people.

The officer cadets should not regard this as a job. It is a mission to defend your country, your family, your land. I am happy that I have done that for almost 50 years now.

Be careful with your health. If you sow indiscipline you harvest many wrong things. The army is the centre of discipline. You must be brave, be knowledgeable. Learn means of modern warfare. Be patriotic. Be Ugandan. Be African.”

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