Donald Trump Turns To God: “Deliver Me From The Snare Of The Fouler”

US Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump might be such well-heeled and able to say anything, but surely he’s not invincible and he knows. As it is, the Donald’s turning to a higher power in the middle of the hassle of the campaign.

The Republican Presidential nominee was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Friday morning in New York City. Trump was flanked by his wife, Melania and his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.

He’s denied all the recent allegations of sexual misconduct, and even promised to sue.

Indeed, if you’re going to pray with your wife, this would be the right time. omnipotnet

Whether genuine or not, as a gesture Donald Trump is really nailing this one, marking off at least one serious indictment from his from his opponents that he cannot be a good role model for little kids.

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