Aziz Azion Outs New Video: It Is Simply Amateurish

MEDICINE: Aziz Azion

It has been some time since baxragga king, Aziz Azion had a fresh video on the air waves in Uganda, besides his collaboration with Sheebah Karungi. It is however, now official the awaited video, #Medicine is out. I am at the same time taken aback by what I have seen and heard.

Shouldn’t so much absence from the “limelight” be paid off with superlative work?! Well, I don’t think Medicine is that kind of work. If anything, it betrays Azion’s earlier achievements as an incredible musical maestro in terms of vocal strength, instrumentation and record production. What I mean to say is that Medicine is way too laid back and it does not challenge the status quo at all.

Any upcoming chap with a little bit of talent would work a feel good, love jingle on top of an afro-pop track and do it justice; Aziz Azion has for a long time transitioned away from here – he knows better. He ought to do better.


I sincerely hope he does better job on #Teri Kuzikiza which is his latest tune. I will post my review as soon as I have studied it.

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