Bebe Cool Chronicles His Journey In The Music Industry, He’s Distraught With The Hate From His Fellow Ugandans

MAMA - BEBE5.jpg
Bebe Cool at the red carpet during the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards

In what would have been gratitude to his fans for having been voted for, in the recently concluded MTV Africa Music Awards, Uganda’s raga icon, Bebe Cool rather humbled himself to a concession, since by the end of the Awards night, he had again not scooped the award. It was hard luck and he accepted it:

“I want to thank you all my fans for the love and support you show me and Uganda as a whole,” he wrote, “being nominated is as big as a win; let’s keep the Flag of Uganda flying high.”

However, like that was not enough, distraught with the loss and emotion, the king-sized Bebe Cool tried, if not successfully, to put all this he was dealing with into perspective – for his fans. He began and chronicled his life in the public sphere, since 19 years ago.

Bebe Cool decried the disharmony between his life’s efforts and sacrifices for his country and the hate that he most of the time gets in larger amounts than the kudos. He really put up a learning moment for Ugandans and hopefully, they are listening.

Here’s Bebe Cool’s Message In Length:

It’s a pity! 19 years in the Uganda music industry, building what many enjoy today and are able to make a lot of money, earn a living.

It all begun 19 years ago when I woke up and said I would deliver my country and myself to greater heights musically, with a few friends. Some have dropped out while I’m still standing/growing stronger every day.

The people of Uganda had little interest in pushing their music beyond our borders but we went ahead and pushed ourselves, crossed and stayed in countries at a tender teen age, not sure of safety or food tomorrow, but to achieve what we thought would be important for ourselves, our country and our people.

Today I see people from my own country saying all bad prayers for me, say all sorts of bad things about me, plan foul play for me, not me alone but many other Ugandans who have sacrificed in different fields.

Developed countries like Nigeria and South Africa not forgetting the Western world always rally behind their people when the battle is beyond borders or when their people have contributed to their country, but only in my country Uganda is where you find its people doing otherwise.

Why do Ugandans fear competition?

Why do Ugandans feel bad for each other’s achievement?

Why do Ugandans have a lot of negative energy?

Today I stand to say I thank God for the strength, knowledge and belief in myself.

It’s not that I didn’t expect negative energy but it’s a pity it is even growing stronger in my country and it will affect our social/economic development as a country in different sectors.

I thank the people who are supportive of hardworking Ugandans.

I have displayed strength, capability and talent, sacrificed and helped to build others despite the negative forces and am still going to do so.

This is the third year Uganda gets nominated in the MTV awards and it’s my second time.

Many countries and individuals don’t get this recognition despite their hard work but we do.

I am proud to say thank all those who have been supportive, thanks to MTV for the platform and keep recognizing our hard work, thanks to Trace TV.

Let me leave this here by saying thanks to all you people who rallied behind my hard work and keep doing so because only death will stop me and that’s God’s choice on when he will pull my plug but as long as I’m alive, njakufa n’omuntu ‘til I achieve my dream, raise my flag to the highest level in the world.

May God grant us life to witness this!

Love u all.

Gagamel forward as our motto says, FAILURE is not an option.

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