Faridah Nakazibwe Returns To Her Old Job

Faridah Nakazibwe at work

Apparently NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe loves to be the one running the news agenda, keeping her cards close to her chest and thus an inch ahead – you’ll not catch her off guard – well, because she’s in the news business herself and surely knows how these things go down.

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After wide speculations that she would not be returning to Television anytime soon, well, after she eloped and tied the knot with a younger man, Nakazibwe surprised when yesterday, October 24, showed her curvy self up on the screen, as usual, anchoring NTV’s 7 O’clock bulletin, NTV Akawungezi. Like nothing ever happened before and her linen all over the media!

Nakazibwe, who was all smiles from beginning to the end, was clad in an unsleeved black and grey comely dress and of course, she was sharp as ever.

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