TI’s Wife Denies Betraying Her Hubby

Oops! Actually what should be status quo is for TI and his family not to be anywhere near boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr. – let alone be seen to pose for a photo with him. But how about when these rules are flouted, one wonders!

Well, as it turns out, TI’s wife, Tiny posed for a photo over the weekend with the boxing champ at Mariah Carey‘s Halloween party, and some enthusiasts have come out and slammed the reality star for betraying her man.

However, according to BET, an American Entertainment Network, he’s clearing the air on just why she posed alongside her hubby’s enemy in a video.

According to Tiny, she only agreed to take the photo because Mariah asked her to.

“Mariah and them were taking pictures and she asked me, ‘Tiny come take this picture with me,'” she said in the video. “And I’m not going to tell her no and make a big scene. I just took the picture and kept it moving.” Well, you can’t say no to Mariah, can you?

T.I. and Mayweather have been at odds since their 2014 brawl outside of a Fatburger on the Vegas strip. The two have yet to reconcile.

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