Former Miss USA Arrested For Stealing

Yesterday, November 2, former Miss USA Lu Parker was under arrest for filching a pair of high-end headphones, TMZ reported.

The 1994 pageant winner, and current news anchor in Los Angeles, USA, allegedly lifted the headphones Wednesday morning at the TSA screening area in the Terminal. Law enforcement sources told the press that she walked to her gate and boarded her flight.

It is said cops saw Lu take the audio gear on CCTV cams, and tracked her down on the plane before it left. Officers hauled her off the jet and took her into custody. The headphones are worth $200, so she’s looking at a misdemeanor theft.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Lu’s station, KTLA, told the media that the arrest was a misunderstanding since when she noticed the earbuds were left behind, picked them up, “intending to return them to the owner whom she had been speaking with while in line to clear TSA.”

The spokesperson says when Lu was unable to locate the owner, she boarded her flight. However she is now fully cooperating with authorities.

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