Radio & Weasel To Release Their First International Video Ever

Radio and Weasel on set as they shoot Plenty Plenty Video

After weeks of contemplating whether or not to release their video yet, East Africa’s most dynamic singing duo, Radio and Weasel also known as the Good Lyfe have urged their fans to watch the space closelyfor the long awaited first ever International music video which, according to them, will be dropping any time from now.

This, they promised on their official social media accounts, even as they engaged their loyal fans to be the ones to decide when the same should be on air.

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The former BET Award nominees have described their yet-to-be-seen video as the first ever International standard video they ever released and these are confident it will be of the highest quality both in audio and video.

According to the grapevine, it was shot in several picturesque locations, including in Sweden.The song will be called Plenty Plenty and will be downloadable at no cost.

The Good Life became very famous for their protracted beef with legendary raga star, Bebe Cool and with lyrical hits like Bread and Butter, Ability, Zuena, Nakudata… to name a few.

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