Regina Hall & Common Dating Rumor Is A Hoax

It was not only newsworthy but interesting so, to learn that two black Hollywood superstars, Regina Hall and Common were actually dating. What it would do, is take Common off the list of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood; it just turns out everything was a hoax. This rumor had spread like a wild fire and it had to be only one of them to clear the air.

According to rapper Common, him and the personable [Think Like A Man] actress are no item. “That’s just my buddy,” he said during a radio interview on Wednesday. “We never were in that space — you know, that’s just, like, somebody I care about as a friend. We worked together and right now I’m just single, so.”

“It was just like, you know, point blank just friends,” he reaffirmed, to further shut down the rumors. “She’s funny, super cool, beautiful.”

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