Bebe Cool Gives Traditional African Music A Modern Interpretation In New Audio

At the start of every new month, Bebe Cool should be premiering a new music video for the next ten-plus months, so he gave word. It turns out the raga-master is being true to his word  and [almost] delivering on his promises.

On Friday, November 4, the Love You Everyday singer surely delivered new music to his fans as supposed. However it was no video. It was an audio; a rather peculiar sound of Afro-pop, like not heard before – from a Bebe Cool kind of artist, that is.

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He has named it Azina Aseka and it ventures to give African pop music a new interpretation. In any case that appears to be the new trend of Ugandan singers. In an effort to define what a typical Ugandan tune should sound like, experimentations seem to be leaning towards a fusion of whatever is/was imported and our own ancient musical culture that we inherited. I think it is a superb thing.

In Azina Aseka, Bebe Cool attempts to embrace this rich African music background using a unique sound of percussion, and sings on it in an effortless sort of feel good tempo – it is  a dance-able song but it also easily relaxes one. All this, Bebe does with a certain fashion that tolerates a background of urban African pop upon which the traditional African beat glides.

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In introducing the song, the singer, Bebe Cool wrote;

“In this African sound, she always dances with a smile as she pulls me towards her. Azina Aseka nga bwansika.”

He then went ahead and asked his fans to interpret the song, think up their suitable video scenarios, act them out and send those pictures to him for consideration in the official music video.

To listen to the new song Click Here.

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