President Museveni Demonstrates His Commitment To Wealth Creation


November 4, 2016

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“I have presided over Kabale University’s graduation ceremony and also installed Prof. Mondo Kagonyera as Chancellor.

Universities should know that people want education that will help them get employed.

An education system that does not produce for the job market is not helpful. I am therefore happy to learn that Kabale University is putting emphasis on job market oriented courses.

I urge the university to reduce recurrent expenditure and spend more on infrastructure.

Kabale University is located in a cool, quiet environment. This is conducive for study and research. I pray the stakeholders do not contaminate it with strikes and other things.

I congratulate Prof Kagonyera upon installation as chancellor and I trust he will do a good job. I also congratulate those who have graduated and also bless you as a public university.”

November 4, 2016

“By the powers conferred onto the President by Article 174(2) of the Constitution, I have appointed and deployed [new] Permanent Secretaries”

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November 3, 2016

“I closed the East African Magistrates And Judges Association Conference this morning in Kampala.

The judicial system must be connected to the following concepts; liberation, recovery, development, transformation and integration.”

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“You must talk about wealth creation. Some of the crimes like domestic violence are a result of poverty. If the justice system doesn’t help fight poverty how will society be stable?

On transformation, I am telling East Africa that we must do away with peasants. Not that they should die but go from pre-captalist mode of life to a modern way of life, to make justice easy.

Integration is important because it supports prosperity. In Uganda we don’t eat so much maize yet we produce 4 million tonnes per year. We consume only one million tonnes. If it wasn’t for East Africa, the extra maize would go to waste.

Same for milk where by Ugandans drink 800 million litres but produce 2.2 billion litres. We have been contributing so much to Kenya’s prosperity. Ugandans are buying $700 million worth of goods and services from Kenya and Kenyans are buying about $500million from Uganda. Therefore, integration is crucial for us as a community.

If we have a judicial system which is detached from these, then it’s irrelevant. Legal systems must be for the benefit of citizens.

The Judiciary should enforce zero tolerance to corruption so that available resources are well utilized.

Finally, an irresponsible judiciary will cause people to take the the law into their own hands. How do you offer bail to a murder suspect? The Constitution says ‘may’ get bail not ‘must’ like the young MP who killed his wife and was given bail. I thank you.”

November 3, 2016

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“Last evening I addressed the media following my five-day Operation Wealth Creation drive in Luweero.

I am satisfied with the pace of the programme whose ultimate goal is to ensure the 68% of the population involved in subsistence agriculture move into commercialized farming.

The soldiers we tasked to ensure inputs get to the population are doing a good job. The task now is to ensure many more homesteads access inputs. For example in Mawale village, 280 of the 1,100 homesteads are involved in OWC.

I am totally against the elite island economy where a few rich people are surrounded by a lot of underdeveloped people.

About me fetching water on a bicycle to demonstrate drip irrigation, the notion was to demonstrate humility and approachability to leaders. It’s akin to Jesus washing his disciples feet.

Importantly, it was a message to Ugandans that you can start simple, use manual irrigation as you wait for mechanized irrigation (which government is working on too) and rain-fed watering.”

November 2, 2016

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“Former Tanzania President, His Excellency Benjamin Mkapa, who is also mediator in the Burundi peace process, called on me this afternoon at State House, Entebbe. He briefed me on progress of talks so far. I am optimistic the situation in Burundi will normalize soon.”

November 1, 2016

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“Last evening as I returned from Kangave Hill in Luweero, where I had gone to show several officials the spot on which a water reservoir will be built, I met these pupils of the nearby Kangave Primary School. We had an interesting time, as they shared dreams of what they intend to do when they grow up. We shared drinks and I encouraged them to work hard and obey their parents.”

November 1, 2016

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“Earlier today, I commissioned a new electricity line in Katanswa Village, Ssekanyonyi Sub-county, Mityana District.

The facility built by the Rural Electrification Agency covers 59.2km of medium voltage and 49km of low voltage with 25 transformers in the area.

Government will ensure this type of infrastructure is developed across the country. Only three districts remain unconnected to the national grid and they will soon be connected.

Later in the day, I took officials from the agriculture, finance and water ministries on a tour of Kangave Hill in Luweero where we shall station reservoirs for water pumped from River Danze.

It is from those reservoirs that we shall distribute water to households, particularly so they can irrigate their seedlings distributed under the Operation Wealth Creation scheme.”

October 30, 2016

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“Today is Day Three of my Operation Wealth Creation drive in Luweero. This morning, I fetched water on my bicycle to demonstrate drip irrigation for coffee and bananas that I have planted on the 24 acres of land recently acquired by government in Kawumu Village, Luweero District. I will continue with my door-to-door mobilisation and sensitization on Operation Wealth Creation.”

October 30, 2016

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“Today, I visited several households in Kawumu village, Luweero District to inspect their gardens and assess progress of Operation Wealth Creation programme.

It was also a nostalgic exercise as I met families that supported our Bush struggle. For example I met the family of Late Lule, whose house we used to store drugs and visited the home of Late Zakayo Kalibala, another veteran. His son Esau Wasswa is running a big coffee plantation.

Generally, there have been reports of seedlings distributed under OWC drying up but I am happy the Luweero ones are doing well.

The leaders should not just stop at distributing seeds but follow up with supervision. The agriculture officials should offer technical assistance to these farmers.

Muluka chiefs will gather information about the number of people involved in OWC and those yet to benefit in each muluka.”

October 29, 2016

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“Last evening, I launched a wealth creation drive for Luweero region at Kikunyu Primary School Grounds in Makulubita Sub-county, Katikamu North, Luweero District.

I will spend the next four days in the region on this particular mission.

We shall in these four days, together with the population, identify and agree on what keys to use to spur development in the area. When you look at a bus, it is a big thing, however it’s a small thing called a key that ignites it and it moves.

In Ankole sub-region, since they are predominantly cattle keepers, we agreed that the key is cows. I used this to teach them modern animal husbandry, encouraged them to abandon the practice of keeping many cows whose milk yield is low and adopt high breed cows with high milk output. This practice has uplifted household income in the region.

For Luweero, the key, in my view, is the four-acre model. I will personally inspect farms on foot to ensure that I demonstrate how this model of one acre of coffee or tea, one acre of fruits, one acre of food and one acre of pigs/animals, works.

Luweero is the home of NRM. It should be an example to the rest of the country as a model of improved household income through Operation Wealth Creation.

Government has allocated a lot of funds to OWC however supervision and implementation is still lacking. I will be visiting homesteads on foot to see for myself the progress so far made.”

October 29, 2016

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“A team of health experts will next week visit Bukedea District to sensitize and vaccinate people against Hepatitis B.

I made this announcement this afternoon during celebrations to remember the life of Mzee Patrisi Akol in Kolir Sub-county in Bukedea. Akol, who died in February 2015 aged 90, is father of Bukedea Woman MP Anita Among.

But as we try to get a solution, people should know Hepatitis is spread in the same way as HIV, including among others sharing sharp objects.

I am also glad to be in Teso at a time when the region is enjoying total peace. The dividends are already visible. As I flew over the region, I noticed there are many mabati houses. This is good. It saves on labour of cutting grass.

On infrastructure, government will widen and strengthen the Tororo-Mbale-Soroti road because of the increasing number of trucks going to South Sudan.

I also urge the people of Teso to embrace commercial farming, especially growing citrus fruits. The return on them surpasses that of cotton and tobacco. The practice of land fragmentation should be discouraged too.”


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