American Rapper Common Honors Women Like No Rapper Has In Recent Times

Recently, American Rapper, Common denied dating Hollywood star, Regina Hall. “That’s just my buddy,” he’d said during a radio interview.

Meanwhile, for being a rapper, one would imagine that they know Common’s views on women. But if everybody should know, Common’s different. He has gone ahead and elaborated just what he thinks of women, and it is simply moving.

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According to him, women are to be adored, admired and respected. He also adds that it’s the duty of every Black man to put them on a pedestal.

“110%, 360 degrees of my being is Black women,” he said. “It’s a strength in Black women that I really love. Black women have been through so much. It’s in their DNA, in the spirit of the Black women. It’s a beauty that comes in all these different colors and shapes.”

The actor/rapper, during a Facebook Live interview with Hello Beautiful, went ahead and talked about his new album;

“It really means the things that Black people have been through in this country have been going on for years. The injustices. . . the pain. . . the struggle,” Common said, discussing the title of the album. “It’s called Black America Again because of that cycle repeating itself. But, it also comes because we are writing a new story now.”

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