British Press Calls Prince Harry’s Girlfriend ‘Scandalous’ Because She’s Black

Meghan Kelly speaks at a UN Conference

Whereas many optimists tend to imagine that the problem of racial discrimination might be extinct in a short while from now, adversely, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. And here’s why;

The Prince of Britain, Harry goes out searching for an ideal better half, and somehow [by happenstance or something] he stumbles across this girl; personable, serene and virtuous and . . . the Prince is head over heels in love. But for some corny reason, people won’t let this love be.

Her name is Meghan Markle and it is now an open secret that Prince Harry is dating her. Meanwhile, as it turns out Megan is a Black woman and this is the center of the whole conundrum. So… the racist radicals are already at it, and they are scooping out the very worst.

A British newspaper has referred to the potential future princess as “Straight Outta Compton,” another major publication — The Guardian — points out that the press is calling the couple’s relationship “scandalous” because she has a “visibly Black mom.”

According to BET, “The British press have made it clear that her relationship with Harry is scandalous, for a number of reasons: she is divorced; she is older (Markle is 35, Harry 32); she’s played raunchy scenes in the US TV series Suits — and her mother is visibly Black, with dreadlocks,” writes author Afua Hirsch about the racist scrutiny surrounding Markle.

She continues, “These details would be unremarkable — irrelevant, inappropriate, even —were it any other celebrity romance. But Prince Harry, fifth in line to the British throne, is a different matter.”

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle is an actress and she’s an American. But that’s not all; apparently one must add, Meghan Markle is a black woman, and somehow, for having a black mother, she might not be allowed with royalty. It may not all depend on the Prince, per se, but of course he will have the last word.


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