Rihanna Takes A Break From Her World Tour To “Go Home” Babysit Her Niece

America’s R n’ B Music sensation, Rihanna recently took a break from her Anti World Tour, which on November 27 she will be completing the impressive 75-show run in Asia. But while she’s taking a break from being on the road, Rihanna recently returned to her hometown, Bridgetown, Barbados, to spend some quality time with her niece.

It just turns out that on top of being an incredibly talented performer, entertainer and entrepreneur, Rihanna also is such an amazing aunt to her niece, Majesty.

According to BET, the lovely two-year-old has a lot of love for her aunty, and whenever the two ladies get together, it is an important mixture of RiRi imparting her wisdom, such as by masterfully teaching Majesty how to paint her nails, and the pair having feel-good, silly adventures.

Majesty is the daughter of Rihanna’s cousin, Noella Alstrom, which technically makes her Rihanna’s first cousin once removed, but Rihanna lovingly prefers the title of “Aunty Oh Na Na.”

Whenever she is called on to babysit, Rihanna makes sure the little girl has a smile on her face the entire time.


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