In “Sente” Bebe Cool Manifests Such Rare Versatility And He Should Hold Himself Fast On It

Bebe cool once again showcases his adaptability and multi-faceted propensity to deliver stupendous melodies to his fans. After his phenomenal exposé of vocal vastness in Love You Everyday, it was hard to predict how else he could diversify his craft and broaden his horizons. . . . Well, sente is just what you need to listen to, to tell the story.

Clearly Bebe Cool has, in the face of all his critics, grown and metamorphosed himself into this icon that we’d send to represent us in any part of the world and not fret a second what quality we would have endorsed. Whatever resuscitated Bebe Cool, he has set himself apart only as a force to reckon with, and he’ll for long be commended for this. What’s more, he has done it with such ease as simply being in love with what he does. This time round Bebe Cool has hatched this idea of bringing back real zouk into the country and it sounds stark good.

Written by Yese Oman Rafiki, Sente is an African rhythm dominated track compatibly crediting itself with apparent beats of zouk and jazz – also cutely rendered in the video – shot by Sasha Vibes. It is scribbled in Luganda and French, and it together puts this song in the league of Kanda Bongoman’s hitherto fêted Sweet Elizabeth.

You can, by the way, not easily put your hands on what message is being put across – considering in Uganda we almost do not speak any French; and the Luganda therein hardly patches up the gaps enough to make a meaning. However, you cannot help but feel an air of tranquility and mellowness as you only would find in old time classics of Oliver Mtukudzi – not necessarily understanding the lyrics but loving every second of what the spirit of the melody stands for.

In this almost romantic story, Bebe Cool makes a deliberate adventure into the heydays of our grannies – when life was still unruffled and the people not so somber and inexpressive. He superbly pulls off the mechanics of a typical Congolese Song and these oldies of today have nostalgically embraced the production, harking back to the good old times – when music itself was essentially meant to educate, inform and entertain other than a means to make a quick buck.

Bebe Cool skillfully hits two birds with the same stone, in being able to capture the mood of the song into the video and being able to manifest such rare versatility in his vocals and intonation.

That said, it is rather a letdown for him not to make the story in the video easier and more interpretable in order to make up for the message of the audio which is rather abstract to Ugandans. It is good music to the ear that Ugandans have no clue what it’s about.

As a whole, Sente is another classic Bebe Cool is adding to his fold. Kudos Bebe Cool!

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