Why Radio & Weasel Are Seizing The Charts On All Africa’s Networks

East Africa’s Most Dynamic Music Duo, Radio and Weasel are sweeping Africans off their feet in a “plenty plenty” style.

Sound City TV Tweet

Never before has the pair received such immensity of love and approval from everywhere; however this is something that’s radically changing.

As it appears, the singing duo is finally claiming a critical position in Africa’s entertainment world, thanks to their new approach to music. Besides the brilliant video, Radio and Weasel’s recently released Afropop track, Plenty Plenty not only came good studio production but nice lines and this seems to be paying dividends. The song is receiving continent-wide acclaim for its good video, among other credits and it is enjoying across-the-board air play on big TV Networks all over Africa.

Plenty Plenty is now the biggest art work out of Uganda, besides Eddy Kenzo and Pi Casa’s Superstar, and it is ripping Charts.

It is already in Rotation on MTV Base Africa, a new entry on TRACE Urban

No. 1 On TRACE Mziki

No. 7 On TRACE Africa

No. 10 On My Soundcity TV.

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