Leon Island’s Jose Chameleon Pats On The Back Of His Producer, Paddyman In Rare Gesture – “Thank You For Believing In Me”

Dr. Jose Chameleon relaxes with his producer, Paddy “Paddyman” Kayiwa in Audio One Studios

In Uganda, when it comes to certain aspects of life – aspects of assuming responsibility, the wheels turn really slowly but sometimes they turn. As with Jose Chameleon. In a rare gesture, the fêted afro-pop superstar thanked his long lasting friend and producer, Paddy Kayiwa also known as Paddyman of Audio One Records for helping him become the star he is today.

In a Facebook post, on Monday, December 19, which turned out to be Paddyman’s birthday, the Wale Wale singer accredited the success of many of his hit songs to the genius and disposition of the Producer.

He wrote: “Please join me to wish my producer, Paddyman [a happy birthday]… with whom we have for years brought Merry to your souls with sweet Music: Valu Valu, Badilisha, Basiima Ogenze, Nkwaata, Agatako… the list is endless. Thanks brother for believing in me as well as I do.

We have written our greatness on people’s hearts and the Legacy will live on.

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