Umbrella Apps That Everyone Should Have In Their Phone

Smart Phone App

The question now is not how we will fit technology into our dealings – actually it is how we will fit our dealings into technology. As it is, for every second of the clock there’s a new invention in tech – and it is all to better the life of man while he still lingers. This is why it is especially very important to educate yourself how the Apps on your smart phone can ease your life a bit.

Now, when it comes to Apps, there are those that are very essential and you use them throughout the day, such as message, email, calendar… but there are others which are less useful. However, among the useful bunch, every smart phone holder should never miss to add the Umbrella Apps that have been availed to the market – the good news is they are all free.

Remember The Umbrella App

Remember The Umbrella App

Is it going to rain today? Should you grab your umbrella? With Remember The Umbrella, you don’t have to guess because you simply draw your phone and set a time when you normally leave the house.

The App checks the weather forecast, and if it’s going to rain, you get a notification letting you know you should take an umbrella today.

The notification looks splendid. It’s not one of your boring notifications that slides out of the top. We’re talking about a full-screen display, with a gorgeous backdrop and a weather forecast. And it can make your device vibrate and ring, too, so there’s no chance you’ll be leaving that umbrella behind.

The notification looks splendid

Yes, it really is that simple. Other App highlights include a super-clean whole interface that feels right at home on a modern Android device and a strikingly handsome umbrella icon [the ultimate in home screen page!].

It works beautifully and the interface is pretty nice as well. However, in as much as it works well, it drains battery fast – not good enough reason to let the cloud empty itself on you because apparently didn’t know it’d rain. It is what smart phones are for and it is better you try it out now – never get caught in the rain again.

Umbrella Reminder App

Umbrella Reminder App

You may have lost count of how many of your umbrellas you donated to the taxi driver, though not because you willed it; it just happened – as you took the front seat, you immediately rested your umbrella to the dash board and got comfortable. Yet when you reached your destination, you never remembered to exit the taxi with all your property and repeated that a few times. Salongo Bulayimu is the taxi driver who in the course of our chat revealed how he could make an umbrella shop; thanks to the so many careless passengers.

Therefore if you are fond of this, you have an App. The next time you are about to leave your umbrella behind, the App will remind you to grab it the moment the GPS tracking technology of the App notices that you are leaving a specific set location.

Umbrellas are one of the most often lost pieces of personal property in the world. And this is the motivation for which this App was actually developed. Moreover no hardware is required! Using enhanced GPS technology, this App will make sure that you never forget your umbrella again. Whether you own a really cheap umbrella or one of the more expensive designer ones; download this App and odds are that you will not need to buy another umbrella again!

Here’s how it works

Work out your App to prepare for bad weather

If you are using your umbrella and you are about to step inside someplace dry [be it a restaurant, a super-market, a house or an office], turn on the App’s tracker and then forget about it. The moment that you start the App’s tracker, the App’s enhanced GPS technology pinpoints your location and then waits until you start to leave the initially set location.

Once the App’s enhanced GPS technology recognizes that you are leaving your initially set location, it triggers an alert to remind you to grab your umbrella. It’s that simple!!! And if GPS is not available, a back-up timer will remind you instead.

If the alert triggers before you are ready to leave [it might trigger as you make your way to the bathroom], just tap the “Be Right Back” button and both the GPS and timer will snooze for 5 minutes.

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