American Model Kylie Jenner Becomes 2016 Biggest Celebrity: She Made Over $10 Million And She’s Just 19

According to the New York Times, Kylie Jenner became internet’s biggest personality, at the same time, the most hated celebrity this year, yet none of this could get in the way of her dollars.

As it turns out, the youngest Kardashian, Jenner sold a humongous amount of products this year, including Lip Kits, T-shirts and a host of other commodities.

The young model apparently made over $10 million! According to BET, much of this amount is believed to have come from sales of the Kylie products that have been released throughout 2016; her Lip Kits and expanding to other makeup products like her Kyshadows and Kyliners. Not to mention her fashion lines that include T-shirts, lingerie, sweats and a NSFW calendar. Most recently, Kylie went brick-and-mortar by launching her very own Kylie Pop-Up Shop in L.A. Lines were out the door.

The secret, according to the grapevine, is the hype Kylie builds for her products around her social media presence. “We’ve all seen the teases of new Lip Kit colors and the reality star modeling her PacSun collection, casual wear and even lingerie on the ‘Gram,” argue the observers.

Analysts believe Kylie will top her own record in 2017.

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