Rema Namakula Just Let Kenzo’s Cat Out Of The Bag

It has been about three years or so since Eddy Kenzo started dating Rema and had her move in with him – as his woman.

For the media, there has not been one apparent reason that the pair could separate any time soon – like many celebrity couples, of course. But a good romance notwithstanding, the naysayers and the media have not stopped being a wet blanket, conjecturing all reasons why the relationship might be ending soon on account of Kenzo’s ever burgeoning international stardom, exposure and Rema’s declining sassiness.

True or not, Rema just revealed just when she might be leaving the Soraye singer; “my love, Eddy Kenzo,” she conveyed, “may you live to see my dimples every day and our grand-kids. Thank you for loving me mu ngeri empa emirembe

This, she revealed in a passionate birthday message that she directed to her boyfriend, Kenzo on Sunday, December 25.

Shortly after Eddy’s birthday, Rema, still in the string of celebrations posted one beautiful message on Facebook, marking their little girl’s birthday today, December 26.

She wrote: “It’s now 2years since I met you nyunyu but it feels like yesterday. The joy and life you bring into my world is unspeakable. You are what I always prayed for and more. Happy Birthday @aamaalmusuuza may the good lord protect and guide you always.”

From the look of things, Eddy Kenzo, Rema Namakula and Amaal Musuuza seem to be one happy nuclear family relishing a beautiful holiday, and we like it that way!

From Kivumbi Press, we are wishing you guys a happy 2017.

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