Living Through Eight Years Of A ‘Haunted’ Presidency: What Kept Barack Obama Vitally Optimistic

Before a prayer breakfast in 2010, Obama met privately with clergy members in the Blue Room at the White House. At the conclusion of the meeting, a final prayer was delivered as they held each others shoulders

Barack Obama in just days will be leaving office as President of the United States, to begin a new life altogether. It is, however, very appalling to know that throughout the eight years of his reign, Mr. Obama, notwithstanding his countless achievements, has been one of most [obstinately] affronted, misrepresented and miscomprehended men in the history of American presidents.

Yet despite so many distractions, this man somehow managed to stay positive and focused; he neither lost his vision nor vital temperament.

Where it was not prejudice, it was the sheer austerity with which this man was received [by Washington and many opinion leaders]. It has so hindered America from fully profiting from a man so dexterous and humble at the same time – a rare combination to find among men.

Above board, Barack Obama was fully grounded in faith, hope and love: these three, especially the love of God, made him exceptional and Yahoo has written brilliantly about this. Read More

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