Theme Of The Year: 2017 The Year Of Jubilee!

And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you; and each of you shall return to his possession, and each of you shall return to his family.

—Leviticus 25:10

  • Blessed 2017—the year of Jubilee!

I believe this is going to be a significant year for you and me and I’m excited to share with you what the Lord has shown me in His Word for us this year:

This is the year in which the Lord wants us to proclaim liberty!

In this year of Jubilee, according to Scripture, debts are going to be supernaturally cancelled. Lost possessions and family relationships are going to be restored. This is the vision the Lord has for all who follow this ministry as we step into 2017!

I love how Leviticus 25:10 says “all its inhabitants” and “each of you.” That includes you! Perhaps it was your health that you lost. Well, in the year of Jubilee, that is going to return to you!

Or maybe you’ve had an emotionally difficult time with a spouse who has been emotionally distant. Perhaps you’ve had an absentee father, or a rebellious teen who’s left home. Take heart, because God is going to restore and bless family relationships—“each of you will return to your family.”

That’s an awesome promise, you may be thinking. But how is it actually going to happen for me?

Beloved, not only does God’s Word paint you a faith picture of liberty and freedom to come in all areas of your life, it also gives us the keys to walk in His Jubilee blessings this year.

Key #1—REST and See Good Success

By the Gregorian calendar, this is the year 2017, but according to the Jewish calendar, it’s the year 5777. How is this significant? Well, in Bible numerics, the number 5 represents God’s grace, while the number 7 stands for completion and rest. And interestingly, the number 17 represents victory.

What all these add up to is this: to experience victory, unprecedented freedom, and God’s abundant grace this year, the very first thing He wants you to do is to REST in the complete work of His Son.

See how His Word bears this out:

“That fiftieth year shall be a Jubilee to you; in it you shall neither sow nor reap.”
—Leviticus 25:11

Now, please understand I’m not talking about quitting your job or becoming lazy and irresponsible. I’m talking about an inward rest that comes when you choose to quit worrying, turn your challenges over to the Lord, and enter into His rest.

You see, when you rest, He works; when you work, He rests! When you become stressed and fretful, nothing happens. But when you rest in His faithfulness to turn things around for you, you find His grace of most effect to you!

Key #2—HEAR and Receive

The Jubilee year is ushered in with the blowing of the ram’s horn (see Lev. 25:9). The ram’s horn is a picture of Jesus’ death and finished work at the cross. Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God, was slain for our sins, so that God’s grace and goodness can be ushered into our lives.

In fact, when Jesus died at the time of the evening sacrifice, the ram’s horn was blown. And at that very sound, every chain, shackle, and bondage of lack, addiction, sickness, and depression was destroyed forever.

My friend, to see your freedom manifest this year, keep hearing and proclaiming the finished work as you stay at rest. And just as the walls of Jericho came tumbling down with the blowing of the ram’s horn, you’ll see your breakthrough and miracle (see Gal. 3:2).

Key #3—FLOW with God’s Leading to Perfect Liberty

Did you know the root word for Jubilee in Hebrew is yabal, which means “to flow,” the way a river does? This year, as you rest in Christ and hear His Word preached, you will find Him leading you by His Spirit to your breakthrough and victory.

You may find Him telling you, “You’ve not been drinking enough water.” Or He may say, “You’ve been having late nights; go to bed earlier tonight.” Or when you have to make a choice between A and B, you’ll sense His increasing peace in the choice that is right for you, and a discomfort toward the choice that isn’t.

So be expectant this year that as you lean in to Him, the Lord will guide and protect you. His leading will never go against His Word, and will always bring peace, life, and good success.

Beloved, I pray that the word God has for you this year—that this is the year of Jubilee—encourages you and puts fresh hope in your heart. To anchor your heart in His promises to you, and to keep walking in His blessings of liberty, I encourage you to listen to the message in full because I share a lot more in it.

Remember, Jesus is the reason we can experience Jubilee. So keep resting in His finished work, keep hearing His preached word, and keep flowing with Him to experience His liberty and restoration in all areas of your life.

It’s going to be an amazing year ahead!

Resting in His grace,

Joseph Prince


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