Why Besigye Is A Dangerous Opportunist

 By Andrew Mwenda

Opposition leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye gestures at a press conference in Kampala

Today FDC stands at the crossroads. Although the party was born to oppose cult leadership in NRM, it has developed a cult around Besigye that is worse than anything we have ever seen around Museveni. While FDC was founded in opposition to intolerance in NRM, its levels of intolerance of anyone who criticizes its cult leader is unprecedented in our political history.

As I write this piece, most descent, tolerant and enlightened politicians have been sidelined in FDC. Instead an extremely radical and intolerant faction of less educated, less cultured and poorly cultivated fanatics around Besigye has taken control of the party and is holding Besigye hostage.

While this has been happening, as a cult leader, Besigye has not come out openly to castigate those of his supporters who indulge in insults and intimidation of opponents, a factor that demonstrates that he condones this approach to politics. Even Donald Trump distanced himself from the KKK. Besigye’s inability to stand against evil that supports his cause is not new. In 2004 I had a bad exchange with him on KFM when he refused to denounce Kony.

Is this man a true leader willing to stand in principle and oppose the excesses of his base (even if it costs him their support) or is he an opportunist willing to cling on every straw to keep his popularity? Let u the readers judge based on his silence on the extremism of his base for the last so many years.

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